Former Longtime Elder - Reflections

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  • Dagney

    I was just talking about this very thing with my JWgf. Her husband is an MS, didn't really want to be an elder because it would restrict some of the things he dos. But the elders are putting pressure on him because the pool to draw from is quite low.

    The elderly ones are almost all gone. The babyboomers are tired and trying to keep up. The young MS's are not interested in the least in becoming elders...they live pretty good and are focusing on their family and life. They know very well what the sacrifices are to be an elder and aren't willing to do it...wise.

    I shared with my gf the Conti case and warned her about the culpability of the elders involved.

    I have always said, losing fulltime workers and elders will seriously affect the WTBS. I think they know it too.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    I know of two MSs who were informed that the BOEs was interested in bringing their name up with the CO for appointment as Elder. Both declined the offer! Both brothers in their early 30s.

    The irony about it: To my recollection it was always held inappropriate in WT world to alert potential candidates that they were being considered for appointment for either MS or Elder. Just goes to show how desperate our congregation is for more MSs and Elders.

    Next they will be asking from the podium for a show of hands: 'Who would like to serve?'

  • Legacy


    To those who think I don't know what I got myself into...I'm not that naieve. I do know some of it but know that there is more to them. I see it right in front of me. I have talked to sisters who feel they can talk to me because I won't judge them. I'm a mature person. I have worked in corp. america all my I do know MAN. I worked where they told us, don't worry about your jobs, in a few months, out the door we went. Man lies, he is imperfect...everywhere you go..there is MAN...every church you go..MAN...the difference in the churches is that YOU & ONLY YOU ARE the hall, it's different, it's like elementary school, they you have to ask yourself why do folks tattle at the hall ? Because they want to keep the congregation clean...NOT...try as they may, it'll never happen. I have heard so many stories, that it makes your head spin. They talk about your clothes, your hair, etc...I have a line that I used on them once..I was a study then...My mother raised me once you don't have to raise me twice. I'm still in the God's love book...why am I reading about being clean...didn't our parents tell us. Most of the stuff witnesses are talking about is the stuff our parents told us, so some of us have to hit over the head again. This stuff we going over is the samething over & over again...Be nice, be humble, be be be...Only time will tell if I stay...I like the congregation I'm in, so far, yep, we have some crazies but again, they are everywhere....I'm not looking to get tossed out but one thing is for sure, if they do...No organization can keep me from God. I come to the internets to make sure I'm not drinking all the kool-aide. I am happy for now, but when I'm not, well again time will tell. It seems folks bought into them being perfect because so many witnesses have such a self-righteous attitude, but if you keep your eyes open, you'll know they may not have the faith they preach to others. They are not right about alot of things, but I keep my mouth shut, because as they say, God will settle far I've seen that..this up coming WT, about 1914 & The FDS...major changes..I never bought into the 1914 theroy. Maybe the witnesses just say the exact opposite of other religions. They have run ahead of the scriptures, these sites just confirm many are still witnesses & see things different from what they are told but come to sites like these just to keep the peace. Many have made their life the hall, so they have nothing or nobody except the friends in the hall. I have worldly friends, they are happy if I'm happy, so far they respect my choice...that's all I ask is respect, the moment they don't then we will see. There is nothing like having a friend that you have had history with, they know you better than anyone else. I have so many sisters come to me to talk to me....they have no friends..and as my Mom says about me...I'm the friend of the friendless. I care about people..many of the friends have been hurt by the witness you see I have some insight to what the real deal is. I take care of my elderly Mom, so they cut me some slack, so many times I can bow out. Just before I got baptized & one of the elders that was going over the baptism questions said to seems the congregation is very attracted to you. I told him I thought so to. I try to be happy, and bring joy, try to be other words a good person. You see I came in fixed & what puzzles them is that they didn't fix me..Many thought I was a sister before I got baptized...I have the fruitage of spirit before I got there. That is still perplexing be honest, they just don't know what to make of me...Plus most of the sisters are they keep close eye on me...don't want their hubbies getting no ideas about me. I'm separated from my hubby but I keep my rings on, why ??? Cuz I don't want no trouble ...LOL...Again, I'm not saying I can see all the stuff they are about, but I got my one good eye on them..My Mom says to sit by the door because if it is a cult, because with cult folks, if the end doesn't come then they'll make it come, by making she says always sit by the door just in case them fools pull a Jim Jones on the friends...LOL..but really not LOL..I like this forum, much better then other ones...I will see how you folks roll on here. You seem to have a wealth of information, that I need to know, to continue with them OR NOT.

    BE WELL,

  • Truth seeker 674
    Truth seeker 674

    Legacy, please use paragraphs. I think you are crunched too tight just a little.

  • EmptyInside

    As far as there being a lack of younger elders and ministerial servants. They reap what they sow.

    A relative of mine has been an elder for years,but has thoughts of stepping down,because it is so overwhelming.

    Another one is a young MS,but the elders really take advantage of him and put a lot on him.

    In my mother's hall,an elder was near tears begging other men to reach out. But,they treated my nephew like dirt. He was an MS in that hall. And they accused him of being showy on stage,when it was just enthusiasm,lol. But,anyway,he left to help another congregation out.

    And now they are begging for help. Well,they deserve what they get.

    Those that do reach out at a young age,so much is expected of them. And they are in a fish bowl,because everyone is watching every move they make,waiting for them to fail. There is so much jealousy it seems.

  • im stuck in
    im stuck in

    It was the same here. I went with my wife . The only person to interview was the young MS that does everything for the A H elders. The kid really thinks that he is serving God and that things are great for him. Crummy job no education but he is a pioneer and reaching for his badge. It is getting worse and worse there are no men reaching out. Everyone that I talk to has the same situation in their congregation. The organization is a death star burning out and in a while there will be no one but old people left. Kind of reminds me of the Millerites, where CT Russell got his teachings. What a sad story and to think that I actually supported them as an elder for 40 years just makes me sick.

  • NewYork44M

    Excellent discussion. Thank you for starting this. One of the problems that the watchtower faces is that the next generation of leaders is coming from a very dysfunctional perspective.

    While they don't come out and say this, my conversations with some in the "know" suggests that they understand that this is a problem. And, a problem with no solution.

    Thiis suggests that the solution is to lay low for 30 or 40 years and recreate the religion. But all of us old farts - with memory - have to die.

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Legacy, it's nice to have you here. Please remember the basic rule of paragraphing: new point, new paragraph. It makes it easier to read.

  • problemaddict

    Hey Legacy. I second the paragraphing, bnut internet etiquitte aside.......we are happy you are here.

    I suppose I have a few questions for you. I know why I am still occasionally going to the meetings, or attending thing when I don't really beleive what is taught. I have family to consider, and am trying to fade away responsibly and with them in tact. But with you immediately and before baptism not agreeing with something VERY KEY like 1914, why would you do it?

    Why woudl you say you recognize yourself as "in association with Gods (only), spirit directed organization." No judgement, its just puzzling.

    People are people, and I agree with you there. Good and bad everywhere. Some gossip, some slander, some are kind and loving. No surprises there. I quite frankly love many JW's, and others I could do without. I suspect that would be the same if the religion didn't exist. What most of us here have issue with is the policies of those IN CHARGE, and the CULTURE THAT THOSE POLICIES CREATE.

    What do you think about people dying or allowing their children to die because of a narrow interpretation of a technicality in scripture regarding blood? Its easy to not think of these things as a big deal, until it is your child or family members life. Thousands have died.

    What do you think about the requirement to disavow those who publicly disagree with doctrine? Now that you are baptized, just tell anyone you think 1914 is hogwash and try to have a conversation about it. See what happens. It is very common when one decides simply that they don't believe it anymore, that their friends and family reject them as if they are scum. There are TONS of stories like that here. What do you think about that?

    How do you feel about the double standard behind things forbidden and allowed. Wind chimes, birthdays, wedding rings, white dresses when married, clinking glasses while drinking, hallmark holidays.......all are technically "pagan". Who decides what is allowed and what is not? If you celebrate your birthday are kicked out. Do you think that is ok to do to people?

    Just some food for thought.

  • clarity

    Legacy ... thanx for explaining what you feel & think.


    You say ............................

    It seems folks bought into them being perfect because so many witnesses have such a self-righteous attitude, but if you keep your eyes open, you'll know they may not have the faith they preach to others. They are not right about alot of things, but I keep my mouthshut, because as they say, God will settle far I've seen that..this up coming WT, about 1914 & The FDS...major changes..I never bought into the 1914 theroy.



    If this is true .... & you don't believe their key doctrine (1914) ..... don't you

    think you should " be getting out of her my people ...if you don't want to share in her

    plagues "?


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