Former Longtime Elder - Reflections

by James Jackson 51 Replies latest jw friends

  • Sparlock the Wizard
    Sparlock the Wizard

    gingerbread is right...The people that do many of the assigned tasks (except for Service Meeting talks) are now the baptized publishers that are in "good standing." These kids are the new MSs given the lack of many appointed servants and elders. What's worse is when you have an incompetent MS/elder that requires other baptized JWs to help him with his tasks.

    For example, in a congo I know, the MS in charge of doing the accounting requires the help of two other kids in their late teens to complete the financial statements...

  • joe134cd

    Sloppy joe = I agree with you. I remember when they were building the assembly hall. I put my name down to help out, but was told by an elder that I didn't qualify as I didn't get the average hours of field service in. A few months later when they came to the realisation that this system was not getting the work done on time, they opened it up to publishers in good standing. So when they have to drop their righteous principles they will. This was some time ago.

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