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  • Sammy Jenkis
    Sammy Jenkis

    I was remembering today this situation that I let get out of hand because I was too damaged to let my co-workers and my boss know I was a JW when I was still inside. It was hard to explain to people something so foreign and out of this world as being a witness and never before had the difficulty been as hard as when one of our co-workers birthdays came around.

    I dreaded the moment because I'd played pretty cool and dodged any questions that might reveal my religious inclinations.


    My boss came over to my desk and gave me this card to sign, she asked if I'd like to sign it. I asked who it was for, and she said for "Johnny"- obviously the card set off a huge red "birthday" flag and I didn't want to get into the details with some lady I already didn't like. So guess what I did?

    I signed that freaking birthday card like there was no tomorrow, wishing the dude the best effing party and time ever.

    Well I didn't know him that well and a few weeks after he received his card signed by yours truly and the whole department, he starts preaching to me during a break. What are the odds that this dude would be a JW too?! It was crazy, I was having cold sweats and imagining how ridiculously improbable something like that had to be. After almost a year I left the job but I always felt like he'd read the card and was trying to pinpoint the right time to ask me about it. I had to convince myself that he must've been a well trained JW and just tossed it out once they gave it to him but the doubt was always there.

    What was your close call?

  • Miss.Fit

    Hi Sammy Jenkis

    I also have chosen not to let anyone at my work know I was a JW. I did not feel I fit the discription. I have fading in and out for years. When I first started my present job I had been inactive for awhile.

    I never identified as a JW because I didn't feel like one.

    I work in a public educational setting. So we do programs that are sometimes centered around holiday themes. I would be assigned to go to different functions like halloween or chistmas themed events to read to the kids.

    I am not sure if I was having trouble staying in or staying out. My training was so strong that I would feel guilty and when a Sister I really liked started visiting me I started to go back to the meetings.

    I had painted myself in a corner. How could I go to my co-workers and tell them I was a J W? So I kept putting it off.


  • Miss.Fit

    When asked what religion I was I would say none. The problem I have now is that since I went to meetings off and on some of the witnesses know me. So I have to be careful of participating in holiday themed programs at my plAce of work since it is public. I still go on out reaches.

    It's funny Im afraid of being outed as a JW.

    After sampling this site I realize that I have been subconsciously fighting years of mind control.

    Miss.Fit with one T

  • Sammy Jenkis
    Sammy Jenkis

    Missfit, I understand how difficult the middle is as there are strong reasons to continue the meeting attendance but how hard it is to keep up the song and dance when you don't feel the same way about it.

  • Glander

    In middle school I had a semester of Drama. The class developed a play which the teacher had aquired the scripts and I got one of the juicier parts. It was kind of a Charles Dickens type of thing and involved costumes, make-up, lighting and set building. It was terrific fun. Then it was revealed that we would put on the play for the whole school. Two days later we were to perform it for the parents in the main auditorium. In the evening, on a meeting night!

    Here's the kicker - It was a Christmas themed story. The class did the full play, in costume and make-up for the student body. I was having so much fun I ignored the 'conflict of interest' and never told my parents any details until it was too late.

    When I told my mother that I would have to miss the meeting for the main presentation she blew her stack. On the day of the big show I went to my teacher and told him I couldn't do it because I was a JW. Then he blew his stack. I pleaded with mom and she relented. So I did it and there were no repurcussions from Jehovah.

  • Sammy Jenkis
    Sammy Jenkis

    Glander, that story was awesome.

    Sorry everyone blew their stacks but at least you did it repurcussion free!

  • rebel8

    So I did it and there were no repurcussions from Jehovah.

    I checked with Jehovah and he is planning to send you the Ghost of Assemblies Past tonight as a punishment.

  • nugget

    My boss knew I was a JW but it wasn't something I generally shared since I didn't want to be judged on the basis of my religion. There was one lady who was very keen to ensure that birthdays were acknowledged. The day after my birthday I had to go away for a work conference and was staying in a hotel with all my work colleagues. After dinner in the evening and after several bottles of wine had been drunk by the assenmbled company the lights dimmed and the waiters came to the table with a lit birthday cake. All my colleagues sang a drunken happy birthday to you and I was sat there facing the prospect of blowing out the candles or preaching before the assembled company. I could have died. I blew out the candles and thanked everyone for the lovely thought and left at the earliest opportunity. My boss nearly died laughing.

    I felt guilty for years that I had made Jehovah sad.

    This weekend I had another cake with candles and loved every minute how times change.

  • Glander

    "...I checked with Jehovah and he is planning to send you the Ghost of Assemblies Past tonight as a punishment."

    LOL reb.

    I never had so much fun as that play! One of my school mates went on to do bit TV parts and commercials.

  • LisaRose

    My husband's work had a Christmas party, so I said, no way. Then they said it wasn't really a Christmas party, it was an "end of the year party" and there wouldn't be anything overtly Christmasy. So, pressured by my husband, I go, and of course there was a big decorated tree. But that was only because the banquet room at the restaurant put it there. A few months later, I run into somebody at the Kingdom Hall who was at the party, she is somebody's study. The first thing she says is " oh yeah, I met you at the Christmas Party" Fortunately, no one else heard.

    I never went to another "end of the year party" again, until I left and after that I didn't care, I even give Christmas parties.

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