How does TTATT affect your marriage??

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  • SloppyJoe

    I was raised as a witness and so was my wife. Years ago when I started reading about it I never really knew how to go about getting married as I knew if I left I would be unhappy because I would lose my entire family. Finally I realized that I could plant the seeds and see what type of response I would get from women. This blew up in my face more than once. My wife now was also raised as a witness and responded very nicely to my remarks . In a way it is nice that we were both raised witnesses, so we both understand our backgrounds but both don't believe in any of it. Although we still have to go to the meetings and field service and likely always will, it is nice that we can laugh and joke about crazy stuff. My wife would walk away tomorrow if I said I would. I was reading on here the other day and she asked me what I was reading. When I told her, her eyes lit up with interest. I was reading about the change of the FDS to just being the governing body. I jokingly said you had to know what was believed before the change to understand the change now. She laughed and said you're right, lost interest and did something else. All these years she has been going to meetings and she couldn't answer with certainty who the FDS was supposed to be. That is a lot of daydreaming at meetings.

  • Narcissistic Supply
    Narcissistic Supply

    How can you do that to your kids?

  • OnTheWayOut

    Just read the opening post, but I will go back and read the rest of the comments.

    My marriage to a still-active JW is strong. My wife accepts that I am the same person despite whatever WTS and individuals might tell her. She has slowly become a less active JW. But she is still a regular member and still believes it is "the truth."

    If we had kids, things might be different. I can't imagine allowing any forced or even coerced-by-love-bombing participation that would mislead my kids without taking action to end it.

    Luckily, that is not the case. There is often a 400 pound gorilla in the room that passes silently. I think she is as sad that I left "the lie" as I am that she doesn't see TTATT.

  • His Excellency
  • NewYork44M

    I am divorced from my jw wife. I supose you can mark this to knowing the TTATT. However, we were totally mismatched. I married at age 19, because I wanted to have sex and getting married was the only acceptable way to accomplish this task. I was hoping the new order would resolve our problems. But guess, what the end did not come and I learned TTATT.

    That pretty much ended the marriage.

  • vanyell

    I haven't been a JW nor an exemplary husband (had a few flings along the way), but I did my my best to provide for my family and take care of them. Now my wife is already waist deep in the quicksand of the "Truth", and pretty much serious about working her way to salvation. I have shared pertinent info with her, pointing out the fallacies and illogical doctrines spewed out by the Borg, thinking that she might just understand because other college education. But no, extended immersion in the Kool aid apparently have diluted the critical thinking feature, in addition, her deceased mom and half-sister are both JWs too. The blood doctrine was the worst yet. Asked her twice about allowing blood transfusion for the kids in case they really need it, and the answer is negative. I'm currently working in a multinational company and there is a possibility that I'll be assigned to other countries for periods of time. I can't afford to worry about medical and mental health of the kids if I'm away at work. I'm thinking of annuling our marriage due to reason of psychological incapacity, and let her do whatever she wants in the Borg empire for her "salvation" regardless of the consequences.

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