Jehovah's Witness Mother Ends Relationship With Atheist Son

by Bangalore 42 Replies latest jw friends

  • steve2

    It is utter nonsense to strip this mother of responsibility for her loveless letter by blaming her religion. She's no more brainwashed than the next person.

    She needs to be held personally accountable for choosing to not only shun her son but formalize it in a letter.

    The world is full of people who say, "I had no choice...I had to do it". Rubbish, mommy dearest.

    My mother was an active Witness and quietly chose not to shun me - the elders put pressure on her and she literally flew into a rage telling them to mind their own business.

    They never talked to her about it again - and she remained in good standing in the organization.

  • sizemik

    Only in WT world does abandoning a child become not only justifiable ... but praiseworthy.

    It kind of makes statements like "You are the love of my life" seem a very hollow claim.

    I agree with Steve2 . . . choices are influenced sure, sometimes strongly. But Mum is still making her choice "without influence" (according to her own words), and immortalising it in writing. A bold choice that will probably haunt her future more than she can imagine.

    How's the shaking going Steve?

  • steve2

    It's our turn to shake sizemilk! Lots of aftershocks follow. Wellington like a ghost city today but hopefully back to normal tomorrow.

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