Jehovah's Witness Mother Ends Relationship With Atheist Son

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  • InquiryMan
  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    This is awful and this mom will regret that she did this.

    She says nobody can make her do anything, that it's all of her own will. I would bet that she is getting all kinds of flack and dirty looks because she delayed in cutting off her son, and that is how she WAS made to do it.

  • nugget

    So sorry this religion does not allow unconditional love.

  • juanvazquez88

    It seems like the jw have a kind of a "script" when a family its broke aparte because of his "true christian love". "I made my decision for myself, Jehovah waits for you, bla bla.." My wife show me a letter from his aunt written some days before her df, and its reads the same.

    We are with you brother!

  • Phizzy

    This is just truly awful, to receive such a letter from your own Mother ! I know at some stage this could happen to me, my old Mum is really led by the nose by the cult.

    When I was an active JW, I realised that I loved my two kids so much that whatever they did, I would never let them down, I could never cut them off.

    I even thought about if one of them turned out to be Gay, and concluded that even then, they were mine to love and cherish, never to reject what they were, or what they chose to be. My attitude toward our gay friends was coloured then by my JW upbringing, but even so, that was how I determined to handle it, or similar issues.

    My love for them, and I know Mrs Phizzies is even more fervent, would not allow for shunning in any form.

    It is revealing that this Mother's desire is for her to get in to paradise, and if that means leaving her son behind, so be it, her relationship with the God she has been made to believe in by the WT is all important to her, not her son.

    Quite disgusting.

  • gma-tired2

    Sad Sad Sad. To think a mother could fall for such crap!!! They were so right, the love of the majority would cool off, It has destroying relationships within in families. This is the one point that hurts me so deeply, thankfully my children are also ex JWs. No one can seperate me from my family, it is one of the main reasons I am an ExJw.

  • ambersun

    As a mother myself, I am mystified how a woman who clearly loves her son would want to live forever in a world where he will not exist, especially considering the reason he will not exist is because he will be killed by the same "loving" God that she is devoting her life to serving.

    She may have convinced herself that it is entirely her own decision that has not been influenced by anyone, but if the Society changed their policy on shunning and said it was no longer necessary to carry out this barbaric practice, would she still have written that heartbreaking letter to her son? I personally doubt it.

  • Oubliette

    I have read this letter before. The absurd irony still strikes me hard.

    It gives clear evidence of the insidious power of the manipulative, mind-control methods used by the leaders of this highly destructive cult. Twice in the letter the mother writes that she is not being influenced or coerced by anyone else. Bullshit!

    Where did the idea to cut off her son come from? She didn't decide upon this course in isolation. It is a direct result of the mentally manipulative propaganda published by the WTBTS.

    She is being controlled and is completely unaware of it.

    This is so sad. As we all know, and as many of us have experienced and are experiencing first hand, it is an extremely prevelant problem among JWs and those that choose to leave the religion.

    It should be a crime.

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