The Pecking Order Of Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Oh also add whether you are born in or convert, who your family is, how many Jw family members you have and what standing they're in, and also single mothers and whether they are born in, converts and how came they to be single mothers and divorced women and whether they were divorced from jws, unbelievers and in what standing the Jw ex husband was.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    It all depends I feel from where you came from. I came from a family that was really, really looked down on by the elders. My parents were a problem to everyone in the hall and I came out of them thus I was a problem no matter what I did.

    I was stupid and thought if I tried hard enough by pioneering, by doing whatever was asked of me I could break through and be liked but I was so very, very wrong. Once you are on the wrong side of the tracks you can never be accepted. They will use you but they will not invite you into their homes. I got dumped on all the time by the elders before and after I was married to help those who were nut jobs in the hall, those the elders did not want to deal with and I did whatever was asked of me just to please them, but you can never please them and you can never break through to be accpepted to be invited and treated like a human, I was always scum.

    When I was dating my husband who was an elder at the time, three elders called me into the back room alone my husband was in another hall while we were dating the elders drilled me about why I was dating and told me to break up with my husband because I would cause him to loose all of his privileges especially his being an elder. They never told me why or what was wrong with me that was so horrible that I should not date only that I had no place dating an elder.

    After we were married I was NEVER ACCEPTED, never. Now after 25 years of marriage I wonder still what those elders meant, because life was hell for me in the religion, pioneering, going where the need was great, going to Bethel nothing I did was good enough. When we were first married and my husband was gone all the time and I do mean all the time doing his elder stuff a CO told me that I was being selfish wanting to spend time with my husband as Jehovah needed him and I could have my husband in the new system which was going to happen any day very soon. That was 25 years ago and I cannot get that time back.


  • minimus

    Sappho, great list

  • losingit

    You forgot to add married female publisher. That was a glaring omission, but I do think they are often accustomed to being overlooked.

  • Scott77

    "...a CO told me that I was being selfish wanting to spend time with my husband as Jehovah needed him and I could have my husband in the new system which was going to happen any day very soon..."
    life is to short

    OMG! What a condescending attitutde this Watcthower organisation is! In hindsight, it was a good favor and your best interest to be treated that way becuase, it eventually lead to you awakening to the TTATT.


  • blondie

    I grew up a girl in a family where my father was not a jw.

    Parents divorced, daughter of a weak jw mother.

    Became a single, pioneer sister.


    Married, husband made MS....still not status.

    Married, husband made I entered a special group...even told I had moved "up" It made me want to throw up, parties only for elders families,

  • minimus

    Funny, 9 year old baptized boy is higher on the ladder than 35 year old female JW.

  • JustVisting

    Don't forget the so called "City Overseers" probablyrank up there between the COBEs and COs...they tell the other COBEs around what's up

  • blondie

    I thought they did away with city overseers?

  • prologos

    There is a new catagory of prestige, related to WT income:

    the regional Buiding commitee with its coordinator, members, and

    the Hospital Liaison arrangement, whose members hold peoples present (use blood, parts or not) and future rights in the ORG in their hand.

    What makes all this stacking of people in layers so galling, that it is not based on merit or training, like a recognized degree required to hold the these imaginary superior positions, it is often by tooth and claw shameless petti politics.

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