Literature Display Stands... Turning JWs into stationary targets...

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  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    Because of the membership retention issues that seem to continue getting worse, the Watchtower Corporation appears to be running out of ideas. In the past, when the numbers have dropped (membership, FS hours, rag placements, money, etc.) they always came up with a "hook" that would give them a boost until the next drop in numbers (i.e.: 1975, '86 International year of peace and security, the dirty-30, etc..) But one area they haven't really touched for a while is persecution... that's because it's practically disappeared compared to several decades ago and the GB hasn't been paying much attention to this until recently. But they believe that they absolutely need to be persecuted to fulfill prophecy and start the "Great Tribulation"... That said, how can they possibly provoke any more persecution and still claim exclusive rights to this "prophecy"? They've tried just about everything already... Wait... I've got it! ... Turn JWs into stationary targets by placing them alongside literature display stands! Brilliant! Now ex-JWs and the general public can stir up things so the Watchtower can then say: "You see? We are God's people after all. Look at how our poor innocent servants of God are being bullied in the streets by Satan's soldiers"... then the numbers will increase yet again because JWs will then believe that Armageddon is just around the corner (again)... (flavor of the month)

  • DesirousOfChange

    they believe that they absolutely need to be persecuted to fulfill prophecy and start the "Great Tribulation"

    The drama at the DC is about the persecution that is come upon JWs over-night in the [anytime] near future.


  • cofty

    Moving to a rural compound and a return to an emphasis on persecution is a very unhealthy combination.


    LOL!! Yes, the " landmark " ruling!! Jehovah's Witnesses will be banned in the U.S. That will never happen, but they may be shamed into obscurity. It sounds like the best thing to do is ignore them. When their super-special Urban Witnessing fails to place literature, and no one bothers them, then what? Will they begin attacking the UN and OSCE to try and provoke a fight? When bloodless medicine makes tranfusions almost unneccessary for every patient, what will they do? They can no longer be persecuted for that either. What about College? Going on-line is getting better and better. I already know people who take classes and barely set foot on a campus. There goes the bad association angle..

    When they run out of things to be persecuted for, what will they do? Just for the record, I don't think religion should be banned. I do think that Organized religion should be taxed, and penalized for failing to perform charitable acts while claiming to be a charity. That would take care of many hypocritical organizations.

  • TotallyADD

    JW's are the worm on the hook being dangle in front of the UN. Of course the UN goes out and destorys all other relgions in the world first and the WT is the only one standing. When they see the JW's still going out in service and to meetings that's when the UN goes after them. I can't believe I use to believe this stuff. I can just see the over 1 billion Muslims going down peacefully let alone any other reglion. I know god will but it into their hearts to do it. I always found it interesting that other countrys have banned the Wt. but that did not bring on the big A. Only if they are banned in the U.S. will it bring it on. It's good to live in the U.S. LOL Totally ADD

  • rebel8

    '86 International year of peace and security

    Thanks for mentioning that. I had forgotten that one. It was something the normal person may have recalled if s/he paid attention to the news in January--other than that you didn't hear about it much. But the dubs said this was the worldwide proclamation of peace and security, and there was no doubt the entire world knew it was proclaimed. I pointed out it was not saying there was peace & security, just that there should be...they were saying the Grenada occupation was a sign of Armageddon too. I was going to write lol but really it's just sad.

    That was the basis of a lot of anti-college sentiment in the 80s.

  • Laika

    I know a fundy Christian who drives around on Saturday mornings with the purpose of finding JWs and telling them what they have wrong.

    He'll have a great time when this starts up.

  • designs

    There use to be a group of Fundamentalist Christians who would sail their catamaran up and down Los Alamitos Bay and shout to all of the beach goers they were going to burn in Hell if they did not accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. The catamaran even had sails with the Flames Of Hell painted on both sides....very effective when you sail back and forth and the megaphone used made sure the message got across to the beach goers.

    Very effective also was the beach goers giving the finger to the megaphone required to understand the reply

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    At the prodding of the CO, the local congregation joined the trend of setting up at the local Walmart. They bought a tent canopy and had displays printed up. I think they were allowed one day per month to setup outside Walmart. They could have a display and table under their own shelter where people could come up, but the JWs were not supposed to approach customers.

    No results. And they couldn't even honestly say that they "gave a witness just by being there," because almost nobody even glanced at them.

  • exwhyzee

    Since they are footstep followers of Christ, I don't recall Jesus ever needing to have an arsenal of printed material to do his preaching work nor did he sit behind a table selling them.

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