Pyramid - Common Knowledge?

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  • Indian Larry
    Indian Larry

    I let it "slip" to an elder just a couple of days ago. He had no idea at all. He is a born-in in his early 60's

  • NeverKnew
    JWs get a very sanitized view of WT history and are very uncomfortable with anyone who wants to look at the details.

    I'm trying to plant seeds for awakenings and realizing people are getting really annoyed with those pesky little "details"...

    Pretty scary when a several ton granite boulder is a "little detail."

  • BizzyBee

    My JW great uncle has a pyramid grave marker from around 1918.

  • Londo111

    Neverknew: You should go there with a camera and take pictures. Then say, "Hey...I just had this neato trip to check out your founder's gravesite. His grave is only a few miles away. Here are my pictures." Also go to the library...and there you will likely find a Proclaimer's Book. Check it out. Bookmark the place in the book that discusses the subject and show them in their own publication. Educate them about the history of thier own religion in their own publications!

  • NeverKnew

    Okay, Step 1... check. LOL

    Had I known that nobody knew of this, I would have taken pictures with a better quality camera long ago!

    I'll take the 15 minute drive out there and add myself to the picture to make it real. :)

    Problem is, these JW ladies are visiting my cousins and don't give advance notice.

  • TotallyADD

    My wife and I found out when back in the 90's the Wt. had a letter read to all congregations about not going to russels grave site. They said we did not want it to look like we was worshiping him. It was really a lame letter. That's when my wife and I wanted to know why even more. But it took us almost 15 years later to look into it. Totally ADD

  • NeverKnew
    back in the 90's the Wt. had a letter read to all congregations about not going to russels grave site.

    THAT'S dirty. Having my hands on that letter could be priceless... I wonder if that letter is in one of Atlantis' posts.

  • biometrics

    Technically it doesn't have anything to do with "Jehovah's Witnesses". It's the work of the International Bible Students Association (ISBA) see:

    The International Bible Students Association still exist to this very day. They are active and hold conventions ... etc.

    Here's an article examining why the IBSA are not Jehovah's Witnesses (and vice versa):

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    My family became active during Russell's time. We inherit ed my great uncles study lit. When I was about 12 and bored with no library visit soon, I pulled out a volume. I screeched when I saw a pyramid and s cross and crown. Flying demons. My mom came running. She said it was the old WT but I had serious doubts. There is so much ugly WT history. No one at KH had any clue. My family only regarded multigenerational families ss true. I knew who ran Bethel. The locsl witnesses were only in for two or three years.

    My mom explained without distancing herself. The rest saw no need to explain to children even tho we had to listen for hours about the old days. Ray Franz made a.great impression

    Coming here was funny bc I saw Rutherford, Freddie Franz, Knorr, Henschelin titles. The elite school s are not interested but this was my life. It was similar to escaping Newark and watching the Sopranos on HBO for the first time.I

  • Ding

    Pre-internet, information on things such as Russell's pyramidology, Beth Sarim, and the like used to be relatively hard to find.

    Today, JWs have to make an effort NOT to find out about them.

    Ironic for people who pride themselves on being "in the truth"...

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