Remember what happened in 2005?

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  • Terry

    Screwing with the self-mythology of Watchtower world is to tamper with their mindset which is megalomaniacal.

    They SEE THEMSELVES as kings of the world. Literally.

    They are anointed, after all to reign with Christ as kings and priests OVER mankind.

    The bible was ONLY written for THEM.

    They alone have the true Truth.

    See a disturbing psychology to that pattern?

    The GB are in love with themselves as powerful, hand-picked associates of the Mighty God.

    Hold them up to ridicule and you pop the bubble of the delusion of their grandeur.

    The lawsuit is symptomology of pathology and it leads to only one conclusion: Sociopaths bent on world domination.

    That is both sad, silly and ultimately frightening.

  • Vidiot
    Terry - "The bible was ONLY written for THEM."

    I remember when my (otherwise very intelligent) Mom said that to me once... of many (increasingly frequent) WTF moments I experienced while still in.

  • therevealer

    @slimboy - etal - I simply do not have enough savvy to know if it broke copywrite law. What I do love though is the fact that "Their Jah" was not powerful enough apparently to help them in the long run. Immediately after the take down of "that" website, Numerous mirror sites popped up. And to this day as the link above shows the site is basically intact and available for anyone who wishes to explore and study. jehober could not help them, so they had to rely on bully tactics which in the long run didn't work. Chalk one up for the postates, LOL

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