Remember what happened in 2005?

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  • Terry

    Would any of us defend the right of a medicine manufacturer to advertise curative powers without side effects when evidence to the contrary was indicated?

    Would any of us defend the right of a Pharmacist to make up his own prescriptions and pass it off as what our Physician specifically gave to us?

    Would any of us approve equal time for TV advertisers to promote products as effective which had repeatedly proved to be dangerous?

    No need to answer these rhetorical questions.

    The need is to see the parallel with what Jehovah's Witnesses do and the harm it produces.

    Jehovah's Witnesses don't keep to themselves or mind their own business! They penetrate into the privacy of strangers to bear witness

    to a peculiar and self-serving hubris: according to their own opinion they are the only group on earth with absolute Divine Truth!

    They don't mind their own business. What they are all about is spreading their ideology from house to house through the instrument of propaganda:

    Watchtower publications. Using the right of free speech and dressing it up under the cloak of Religion they spread their viewpoint daily everywhere on

    the globe. The content of their ideology and the philosophy behind it would indeed be protected free speech except for one important consideration.

    Do you know what that is? Misrepresenting themselves as owners of absolute Truth exempts them from fair play!

    That is right, the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society commits fraud by misrepresenting its novel views and opinions as the ONLY Truth directly from God himself.

    Not only that. They deny freedom of religion for others while claiming it for themselves.

    Nobody who exposes Jehovah's Witnesses true history and doctrine are immune from attack by them.

    A $100,000 lawsuit was wielded in 2005 as a weapon of silence against an Internet site whose sole purpose was to allow anybody the right to read WORD FOR WORD THE ACTUAL QUOTES from Watchtower publications!

    It was called JW QUOTES!

    The Watchtower corporation stated in the lawsuit it was "embarassment" they sought to avoid! This is fascinating to consider! What true thing is embarassing if it is quoted correctly?

    Step back a moment and consider some historical context:

    Imagine Jesus trying to haul the Pharisees into court to complain he was being quoted accurately and demanding the Sanhedrin put a stop to it!

    Wasn't it the evil men seeking to stop the righteous man from having a say?

    It was Jesus who was hauled into court and not the other way around.

    Jehovah's Witnesses wanted and sought a DOUBLE STANDARD!

    They forbid members access or freedom to consider OTHER viewpoints. If caught objectively examining any document or opinion other than the Watchtower Society's own writings a member is cut off and disfellowshiped.

    That is what is ironic about the 2005 lawsuit!

    The JW QUOTES site only offerED the Watchtower's own words and no additional spin.

    What is it that average citizens might find troubling about the witnesses if it were publicized?

    JW children are put in harm's way when blood is needed for medical emergency. Their women are forced to remain in marriages where child-molestation has occured. Their rank and file members are not allowed a voice as voters nor a salute as patriots. There are no charities, no day care centers, no schools or hospitals or institutions of education produced for or by Jehovah's Witnesses corporate leadership.

    They disallow participation in Meals on Wheels or even PTA membership. They are a destructive power-hungry mind-control organization presenting themselves erroneously as victims of abuse. The warp in such values is astonishing.

    Remember what happened in 2005 and consider the efforts of the WT Society to quash public quoting of their own words as proof THEY HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE which they themselves consider embarassing.

    Jesus was happy to be quoted.

    The Watchtower is not!

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I remember that lawsuit. The owner shut it down, not because he was wrong, but he simply didn't have the endless funds to fight such a lawsuit. Who needs to be right when you have the ability to starve out your enemies?

  • sir82

    As I recall the site is still available somehow, somewhere.

  • Gopher

    In the United States, religion in general is the least regulated enterprise that has the most harmful effects on people. See how evangelical Christianity has wreaked havoc with American politics and lawmaking -- and yet pay no taxes for that privilege.

    The original Watchtower Quotes website was shut down, to be sure. However several enterprising apostates got ahead of the WT Society (yes they "ran ahead" of the organization) and set up mirror websites, many of which can be easily found to this day. The WT Society has surrendered and has decided not to play whack-a-mole, realizing that anytime they try their heavy-handed Internet censorship that many people will come out of the woodwork to stop them.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    yea they realized that it brought more attention to the subject. I beleive he allowed anyone to upload his site before he was shut down


    Where can I read the official transcripts from that case? Is this the site in question?

  • slimboyfat

    The site breached copyright simple as that.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    If so Slim, then what about the mirror sites. I just clicked on the link above and it's alive and well

  • Gopher

    Data-Dog, here is the explanation from Peter Mosier, the ex-JW who owned the website:

    Slimboyfat, you are misinformed or just don't know. Below I pasted the relevant portion from the "Q and A" portion of the above website:

    Q:But their case is completely without merit! Their arguments in the Statement of Claim are not even internally consistent! You didn’t break any copyright laws! How can you let them get away with this B.S.??


    “We are not talking about ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, Arthur. We are talking about The Law” — the lawyer on the TV show WKRP in Cincinnati

    I must say, I was very naive. I felt, and still feel, that my Watch Tower Quotes web site was fully in compliance with copyright law, and therefore I felt I was safe and would be held harmless. But I was naive to think that just because I was not breaking any laws, WTS would be unable to do anything. Obviously, I overestimated their decency; or perhaps, underestimated their ability to “frame mischief by law”. I felt that only radical groups like Scientology would stoop to the strong-arm tactics of a law suit. Obviously, I was wrong.

    They have access to millions of dollars of cash and assets, and also have the convenience of in-house legal counsel (clothed, housed, and paid for through tax-exempt donations). IMO, WTS is 80% printing/publisher, and 20% law firm. Keep in mind, you don’t have to be a very good lawyer to harass someone by launching a suit. BTW, WTS retained a TOP Intellectual Property law firm. I think, amazingly, they actually sincerely expected to litigate this. Obviously they overestimated how deep “Satan’s” pockets are! I wonder if any of the tax-exempt “Katrina Relief” or “Asian Tsunami Relief” money ended up paying for lawyers, thanks to it being labelled only for the “Worldwide Work”? (I’m just speculating here.)


    The PDF is no longer available. I did look at that site while learning TTATT. I can see why a totalitarian regime like the GB would want to get rid of it. The problem for them is that they never learn. They still print falsehood.

    Terry, great analogy!

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