My Wife Visits Her JW Best Friend

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  • free2Bme13

    LOL. We had a friend whose husband was having a long-time affair, unbeknownst to her, and when he finally 'fessed up and left her, the elders were right there to tell her that she may not be scripturally free because although he had confessed to his wife, he hadn't had a JC and refused to talk to the elders so they couldn't confirm the story. Left me scratching my head cause like Lois said, adultery breaks the bond. The BOE was more concerned with how a divorce would make the congo look than actually helping someone whose husband left her with three kids, one from his previous marriage

  • Pistoff

    We sometimes forget that no matter what the WT tells the elders to do, local elders will do whatever they want to.

    A repressed rape, and the followup pregnancy? That one takes the cake.

    Of course, there was the story of the elders who told the husband he could divorce his wife over years old petting on the part of his wife.

    Elders: expect the worst from them, and you will never be disappointed.

  • Kojack57

    I got one for you. While serving as an elder and part of the committee to reinstate this pregnant sister, who by the way was not pregnant by her husband, but by a workmate. As we found out she had a skin condition and as she explained it, the medication caused her to have an abortion. That baby was her husbands.

    This recent pregnancy was by a worldly guy and she was going to keep it and according to her her husband was okay with it. I was against reinstatement because I knew her story was total B.S.

    But the other two elders were being pressured by her mother who was a prominent regular pioneer for many,many,years and they caved to fear of a lawsuit that was threatened.

    So, we welcomed back a murderer, fornicater, and adulterer to the wonderful clean congregation. That's when I started to see the light and made my way out.

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