Hubby's Becoming a COP!

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  • outofthelionsden

    Thank you all for your wonderful comments!! I am very proud of my husband, its going to be a very intense training for him and for us im sure..I still have some fears for his safety. But as a good wife I feel that I need to support his choice. We haven't been to the hall for about one year so we really don't give a damn about what anybody would think, my hubby never really like the privileges anyways due to all the politics with the elders.

    For the last 2 years we have had guns in the house, our kids have never been in danger we have actually taken them to the shooting range and have taught them how to respect a weapon, Im pretty kick ass in the shooting range...nothing is more dangerous than a girl with a gun lol

    i just tell my husband to be safe and don't go shooting everybody

  • Bella15

    Awesome ... there is no greater love than of someone laying his own life for others! Wow ... that's a great calling!

    Congratulations on his hew career!

  • Invetigator74

    I became a Law Enforcement Officer, after leaving the Borg. Upon trying to return (I was in some kinda of state of mine,lol) the elders relayed to me that I woud not be allowed certain privileges in the congregation. Now retired with a nice pension and benefits to match along with sharing war stories with other retired cops and anyone who would listen (lol), , I am only to glad I made the decision to not continue in the Borg.Good luck to your husband, outofthelionsden, and tell him for me to stay safe.

  • infernosdante

    i had a elder tell me he kept a 45 on his night stand by his bed to deffend his the way he is still an elder.

  • Scully

    Oubliette- I thought a witness could not carry a gun or have government jobs?

    There are plenty of JWs where I live who work for the government. Decent wages, benefits and job security.

    There are also plenty of JWs - some of my own relatives in fact - who use guns for hunting. Carrying a weapon as part of your job is discouraged, because there's a chance that you could become "bloodguilty" in a shooting, but that's such a bogus excuse - because you become just as "bloodguilty" when you are inactive in the Preaching Work™, or if you deprive your husband of his Marital Due™ and he goes out and commits adultery because he just can't keep it in his pants.

  • truthhurts13

    Talk about from the skillet to the frying pan! Tell him if he pulls me over he will deal with the following:

    Why are you accosting me? Where do you get the power or jurisdiction to pull over a PRIVATE CITIZEN, Traveling on his way?

    May I see 3 pieces of identification including a business card, as well as your Hazard Bond information in case I incur any liability during our interaction?

    Then, if he proceeds to violate the Constitution, as well as his Oath of Office, by attempting to hand out a "Traffic Violation" I may then lawfully place a commercial lien upon his bond, in an amount that I deem fitting, and then LEVY that thing clean. Or I could just place one on his house and property and take that away from him. The options are endless actually

    Tell him to study the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), and hope and pray he never has a run in with anybody who knows the Constitution, and how to enforce it, like myself. But, as long as he honors his OATH, and isn't a POLICY ENFORCER, he has no worries!

    "Those who say it can't be done, should not interfere with those doing it"


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