I need ideas for my hubby

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  • OnTheWayOut
    No one method works for all. If I had the answers, or if anyone here had the answers, I would get my wife out. But a member open to examining things could really do best in a couple of obvious ways. Encourage him to take a tour of jwfacts.com and read the two Ray Franz books.
  • blondie
    BTW be sure to show him proof that he will accept, be sure you know that what you say is supported by facts, be sure he supports his beliefs not just making a statement, just because jws teach it may not make it wrong and conversely just because other religions teach something does not make them right.
  • zophar

    Well, the WT study for tomorrow and next Sunday are excellent examples. If you have been a JW for 20+ years you may remember that the WT went into great detail on different illustrations that Jesus used.

    In par 13 tomorrows lesson mentions the parables of "the leaven", "the mustard seed," and "the dragnet." In the past, all of these pictured bad things associated with Satan. Now they all picture good things in connection with God's kingdom. I conducted the WT back in those days and I had a lot of Cognitive dissonance, the explanations sounded crazy. But....that is what the FDS was directing, so Confirmation Bias sets in. I ignore all of the alarm bells and teach what is in the literature. Guess what? The alarm bells were right all along, none of the past explanations are right....according to the 7/15/08 WT adjustments!

    Now, here is what is truly amazing. After showing how the interpretation was wrong, Paragraph 9 in tomorrow's lesson says: "For many years, God's people found this approach to Bible accounts faith strengthening." In other words, "We were wrong in our interpretations but these false understandings were still faith strengthening!

    They cannot say: "We were wrong!" No, these false teachings were still faith strengthening! How messed up is that?

  • monis
    Thank you all for your responses and tips. Up until now, my husband has not been willing to discuss this. Last night was a game changer. It was almost like he was looking for me to prove to him that the Watchtower was wrong so he wouldn't feel guilty anymore. And i really want his conscience to be free. We celebrate mostly everything, although he is always reluctant. He has felt very disappointed that i shattered his dreams of having a family worshipping Jehoober together. But he followed me out because he loves me and didnt feel comfortable anymore going to the hall alone. It is complicated, for sure. But i hope to get prepared, and next time this subject comes up, hopefully he will be willing to accept it. I think he will. Yay!! He will make a very good apostate lol
  • Phizzy

    I wish you all the best with "waking him up". Please remember that there is no hurry, do not overload him with all you may know or feel.

    Get him to start by researching on JWFacts the one or two things that actually bother him, I am sure there is at least one thing/teaching that just does not sit right with him.

    Good Luck !

  • kairos

    Please update "what worked".

    yes, go slow. It's way easier to step over a pebble than to dodge an avalanche.

  • AudeSapere

    Maybe consider making a trip to Lake Tahoe in California this summer:


    -Aude Sapere (meaning: Dare to Know; Dare to Have Wisdom/Understanding; Dare to Think for Yourself)

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