Another JW urban Legend

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  • NikL

    Well I got e mailed another JW urban experience. Maybe you have heard it before but if not...

    I received this great experience, well worth sharing.

    My son had one of the best ever experiences today with Informal
    Witnessing.Let me tell you in detail. My youngest son (16) has only recently
    got serious with the truth. This past fall, it was as if he came to maturity
    and realized the seriousness of the truth and privilege to tell it to others.
    He has gotten serious about his personal study and now looks forward to our
    weekly studies.He told me this past week he has prayed in earnest that
    Jehovah use him to help someone.

    Apparently, Jehovah has answered his prayer.This afternoon, my son was
    walking in the city park with his teenage friends from the Hall. There were
    numerous persons in the park. My son says he saw a man in his 50's or 60's
    with his small dog. He was not there in the park to Witness, but for some
    reason he felt he must go Witness to this man with the small dog. Despite
    being with a small group of teen friends he approached the man and started up
    a conversation focused on the Paradise Earth with the hope of everlasting
    life promised by Jehovah God. He witnessed to the man for some time on the
    positive hope under God's Kingdom.The man responded with interest and my son
    told him to wait so he could go to the car and get some tracts for him to
    read when he goes home tonight.

    When my son came back with the tracts the man asked him, "Why had he picked
    him to Witness to and Testify about Jesus?". "Why did you Witness to me
    today, the man asked?"
    My son said he did not know, only that he felt that he should.The man then
    went on to say he had been deeply depressed by all the bad things that were
    happening in his life. He said that he had come to the decision to kill
    himself right then and there in the park. He said his gun was in the car and
    he had decided to go sit in the car, shoot his dog and then shoot himself.He
    was in awe that this young boy at this very time came over to him for no
    reason and gave him a positive hope about the Paradise and a time when there
    would be no more pain and suffering. After much discussion he assured my son
    that he would not kill himself, but would go home and read the Bible tracts.
    My son got his phone number and said he would call later that evening to
    check on him.

    Shortly after my son arrived home and told us about the incident, I
    telephoned the man myself and the man tearfully confirmed the story. He told
    me he went back to the car and dismantled the gun and threw it into the
    water, because he said he now knew he did not want to kill himself.Previously
    that day when he left home, he had already thought that he would probably
    kill himself, so when he left the apartment, not caring less, he left the
    front door standing wide open. Upon arriving home, he had found that his
    apartment had been robbed, even groceries had been removed from the
    refrigerator.He called the police about the robbery.

    In the police investigation he admitted that he had left the door standing
    open and even related how he had decided to kill himself in the park. The
    police asked him why he did not call the suicide hotline. He told them he did
    not have to call the hotline because he met an Angel in the park that stopped
    him from killing himself. (my son the angel )During our phone call we
    arranged to start a Bible study early next week. He said he had been reading
    the Bible tracts my son had given him and was joyful for what he was learning
    from his Bible as he looked up the Bible text. I encouraged him not to be
    discouraged from further searching into the truth if others condemn him for
    talking to Jehovah's Witnesses. He said if anyone spoke harshly of Jehovah's
    Witnesses, he would stand up for them from now on and let them know that
    Jehovah's Witnesses had saved his life.Somewhat emotional, the man asked me
    to please say a prayer before we hung up the telephone. I said a short prayer
    and the man said he will be looking forward to meeting me soon.

    Jehovah does work in wonderful ways, he answered my son's prayer today and
    helped an honest hearted man see there is still hope for mankind.

  • spender
    being with a small group of teen friends
    he approached the man and started up
    a conversation focused on the Paradise Earth with the hope of everlasting
    life promised by Jehovah God.

    These kids must be bad association...if they were strong in the truth, they would be inciting others to love and fine works!!!

  • Elsewhere

    How moving. They still have the lottery mentality... the "one in a million" chance.

    "As every one knows, there are mistakes in the Bible" - The Watchtower, April 15, 1928, p. 126
    Believe in yourself, not mythology.
    <x ><

  • NeonMadman

    The guy should have saved the gun; after he's been a JW for a while and experienced the "love" that permeates the congregation, he'll undoubtedly again want to kill himself.



    "At midnight all the agents and the superhuman crew go out and round up everyone who knows more than they do"
    --Bob Dylan
  • patio34

    It always used to surprise me when i was a JW if i read "experiences" from other religions. They all have stuff like this. Which means they're all being led by God, or they're all highly imaginative about coincidences in life. Or things get spun far away from the truth.

    Hearsay. Anecdotes. Rumors. But the JWs certainly could use some new experiences for their assemblies. It seems on this board it was reported they were using decades-old ones.

    All intelligent people are confrontational.--HBO's Winston Churchill

  • ballistic

    He wasn't the same guy from under the bed was it? The one who ran off with the New World Translation and immediately became a Witness?

  • DakotaRed

    Cough, Cough. How many ways and times does this person need to be saved from suicide? So many Urban Legends, er, experiences about saving ones from suicide.

    Did I tell you about the young girl that was slipped some Spanish Fly and was eyeballing the floor shift of her boyfriends car, until I spotted her and "witnessed" to her?

    I have even heard, from a well informed source, that is you see a car coming at you with it's headlights off, DON'T FLASH YOUR HEADLIGHTS to warn them. It is a new initiation for recently baptized witnesses. When someone flashes their lights, they will turn around and drive up alongside you and throw Watchtowers in your car!

    I also heard of a reliably true experience about a man who woke up in a motel room one morning, after a night of heavy drinking and carousing around the bars. He met a real cute woman and although she was not scantily clad, they migrated back to his motel room. When he wasn't looking, she slipped something in his drink and when in the room, he passed out. While passed out, she sublimenally played Watchtower audio tapes all night in his ears and he woke up with an uncontrollable desire to get baptized and "spread the good news." There was even a note advising him to report to the nearest Assembly Hall the next Sunday for baptism, or he might try to kill himself and his little dog, from all the mixed emotions he would be feeling.

    Hey, isn't that where this newest urban, er; experience started?

    If God's Spirit is filling a Kingdom Hall, how is it that Satan can manuever the ones within that Kingdom Hall at the same time?

  • Pete2

    Hey, I think I've heard this one before ... only it was from some televangelist's wife. I was surfing the TV when I came upon the story ... seems the man in the park was close to suicide because he was going blind and his house had been robbed by drug dealers while he had been at the doctor's office. The teen-ager urged him to accept Jesus as his personal (notice, not personnel) savior. Well, miracles of miracles, the guy was "saved" and had his vision problem healed. Of course, he never got the mayonaise and eggs back.

    My question is: Why doesn't Jesus do more of this magic in Third World countries?

  • myself

    what a happy ending, the little dog is saved.

  • Bodhisattva

    No doubt other religions have stories very, very similar to this one. But one element makes it clear that this one is from the One True Religion(TM): son told him to wait so he could go to the car and get some tracts for him to read...
    Yes, other faiths have high-falutin' stories about accepting Jesus and not being down on yourself, but how many can claim they represent God's own publishing concern?

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