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  • Solace

    I dont know rhett, er, sorry, elbobbo.
    We have some pretty savvy people on this board.
    Dont be surprised if someone who does have time and isnt ashamed to admit it, regularly updates everyone on your actual number of posts.
    I do like "elbobbo".
    It makes me think of a big teddy bear.
    What does it mean? Why did you choose it?
    Its probably pure evil or something right?

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I think it is regretable the way some people with too much time on their hands strive to acquire the greatest number of on-line pseudonyms.

    (Big disappointed sighing sound.)

    Whatever floats yer boat, dude.

  • elbobbo

    Actually, JT, I couldn't care less what people do with their time. I do have too much free time on my hands which is why I post here so often. If others want to hit their daily 25 post limit and do so every day good for them if that's what they want to do.
    I'm also not leaving, just switching to a new ID.
    I've said numerous times that I don't really like the way that people get titles and it seems, to me at least, that people with more posts generally have their posts taken more seriously. The way I look at it, I want my posts to speak for themselves regardless of how many I may have made. I don't like the way that whole system works so I'm not going along with it. If other people do want to I'm not going to try to stop them. Hell, I don't even try to talk people out of being a JW if they're happy with it.
    I must admit though that I'm being somewhat of a hypocrite with this thread because I've whined about people announcing their depature on numerous occasions. My reasoning behind it is that knowing all the super slueths on this board who like to figure out who new posters really are would be accusing me of trying to hide something and I'm not. I just don't really want to go along with the whole keeping track of how many posts someone has and the titles and everything. Its more of a chosing the lesser of two evils situation.
    As for what elbobbo means, nothing at all. Its just a bad joke that I thought was kind of funny. Go ahead and call me rhett or elbobbo if you want. Rhett Bourland is my real name so don't worry about using it.

  • BeautifulGarbage

    Well, I'm on my THIRD user name.

    Started last year in July with Andee.

    Then, January 1st with GoldDustWoman.

    Now, well, observe up and to the left.

    It was never my intention to have multiple posting "personalities". I have always used one at a time and made it clear exactly who I was. Unfortunately, this last one came as a result of a computer crash and a lost password. So, if this is the WORST thing I do on this board, BIG DEAL.

    Too much time on my hands?

    Yeah, right.



    MY GOSH I JUST WENT THROUGH my 3rd adult diaper in 3 hours after taking 2 water pills--this is really somethng--I wonder should there be a card or somthing that I can turn into to the WT ORG (Bethel) I have to use 2 diapers at one time -- talk about being full of it--thats me LINDA LOU 4 YA ((((((((LOV HUGS))))) BYEE BYE "666"

  • JT


  • butalbee

    Why start all over again????/ When your soooooooooo close to reaching Jedi status...I couldn't start all over again, it would be too fustrating, what would I call myself? What would I post about...What pic profile would I use. OMG--so many questions, so little wine I have left to drink.....

  • VeniceIT

    Apparently your more concerned with the numbers then the rest of us. I mean if you weren't why would you be so concerned with the fact that you aren't. Ok did that make any sense???


  • butalbee

    Ven--not really....

  • LucidSky

    VeniceIT - Were you talking to rhett (a.k.a. "elbobbo") or butalbee?

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