The answer is "C"

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  • Solace

    I really dont mind football at all.
    I usually suggest to my friends are anti football or who find it boring to put a few bucks on the game. Or those pull tab bets are fun cuz' you could win at each quarter. I think it keeps it interesting.
    He does love his football though and that fantasy football stuff too. I guess I figure, why would I want to try to interrupt somthing that he enjoys so much. It would be like him constantly interrupting while I was on the phone or somthing ya'know?.

  • teejay

    Mark Chumura ... was the hottest guy on the team!

    I know, Heaven. That’s what those two teenage girls said after the three of them came out of the bathroom. They loved him lots, then their mommies and daddies found out. The idiot.

    LOLOL ahh this explains so MUCH!


    All I’ll say is: If you read this just right, there’s quite a bit of truth here. (hope Six doesn’t see this!)

  • Solace

    I agree.
    What a waste.

  • waiting

    tj - you male fool.

    waiting, I don’t think wives will EVER understand. See, it’s not y’alls job to go through our most important, precious stuff and decide what is and isn’t trash. What if WE did that? Huh? Huh? - tj
    If we wivesdidn't go through y'all's precious stuff & wash it now and again, those foot-wide holes in the armpit region would appear 6 months earlier.

    Besides that point - after initial wearing & taking off (which might be in the same week) - you'd never see them again if you're not married. The reason being, most boys & men know how to wash, fold (or not) clothes - thanks to their mothers (and/or necessity is the mother of invention theory). Upon becoming husbands....y'all lose that capability. I don't know how that happens, but it's science - ask Larc.

    AND, besides that, y'all never trash would one determine what is trash and not just hole-ridden clothes? One determines that by being a wife, thank you. If a wife can put her fist through that hole in undershirt, underwear, tennis shoe or sock, it's trash. Until that time, good enough to wear underneath normally unholed (whole) clothes.

    That's the way it's been since people have worn clothes.....leaving Adam & Eve out of this discussion.


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