Agnostic Apostate Morals Kick In

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  • Abaddon

    Spender; whilst I don't think anyone would dream of contesting your right to an opinion, if you start off saying

    "don't get too full of yourself"

    ... and then say;

    "I wouldn't even put myself in a situation like that"

    "Before you try to remove the splinter from my eye, remove the rafter from yours"

    "Is the lack of dignity the "main point" i'm missing here?"

    "I guess I'm the only one who recognizes the importance of keeping promises"

    ... there is a more than minor risk that people will think YOU are the one full of yourself, especially when you lapse into Watchtowerese;

    "i definitely commend you for that"

    The word commend in that context is SO Dubby!!

    Like I say, I'm not having a go at you spender, you're entitled to think what the hell you like, but I don't think you have thought about the way it makes you sound. You can give an opinion without making it sound like you are so damn wonderful yourself. I doubt if that was your intent, but I think it is what you achieved.

    All the best

  • Carmel


    The title of your thread was sufficient clue to the point you were making, hence my comment about preference for the "subtler approach". No need to elaborate until Spender required your full response. Sorry, but I couldn't resist a little jab in the ribs about your "religion". Your enthusiastic and articulate repeated references to your beliefs (or lack thereof) come across close to dogma (certitude, in the vernacular of the innitiated).

    Just my impression.



  • Sunspot

    >>I wasn't telling this story to "get too full of myself." I wasn't telling it to titillate. I wasn't offering myself to the board ladies as a trustworthy guy, either. The point of the post doesn't even involve me, except as one example of what I'm talking about.

    Teejay has seen the whole picture here:

    Comf said that his present relationship was on its last legs. Why not put a nail in the... uh... coffin?

    Why not, indeed. Yes, from my jaded point of view (having seen many a relationship come and go, and able now to recognize the signs), it is on its last legs. It may yet rise phoenix-like from the ashes, but I'm not expecting it to (of course, I wasn't expecting to find a woman who interested me as much as she did, either...).<<

    Hi Comf,

    LOTS of stuff to ponder here!

    Check your email, K?



  • elbobbo

    I was in a similiar situation a few years back with two former girlfriends. I broke up with one before hand but we were still on good terms and had started going out with another girl. I ended up at the old girlfriend's house one night and there was that attraction that you talked about. She started to kiss me and I went along with it for a few minutes but stopped it before it went to its eventual destination and didn't do it anything else.
    Its nice knowing that even though I may have slipped a little bit hardly anything happened. Considering the current status with your relationship I commend you even more for your actions. To everyone who is judging him for what happened who has never been in the same situation I must agree with the thought that you really can't say what you would do until you're in that situation.

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