Were U Surprised To Learn Anything About The Witnesses That U Didn't Know??

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  • Crazyguy

    member of the governing body gave me a good shock a few years ago when at a dc he gave a talk an admitted that 1975 was bigger than they ever really admitted. this led to my researching the religion. second shock that they teach and believe that only the 144k are under the new covenant, jesus only mediates for them and if the rank and file want to get into god's kingdom they have to be pretty much slaves to the 144k. last but not least the blood doctrine, when i realized this is not scriptural, the org is blood guilty.

  • T D Joseph
    T D Joseph

    You know their true color only when you leave them—it gives them valid reason to hate you (not even greeting, boycotting marriage feasts where you are also present......); thus they praise hate and identify with 1 John 3:15 that says: “Anyone who hates a brother or sister is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life residing in him. ”

    Hatred is hatred, no matter who shows.

  • Phizzy

    U.N and the downright lies to explain it, the real Rutherford, Malawi/Mexico, Quote Mining and Mind Control, Jesus not my Mediator, Russell had not one original idea, Blood Doctrine totally wrong, anything to do with 1914 not in the Bible, Greenlees & Chitty, the whole Abuse debacle, and those are just for starters !

    All of this was a tremendous shock to a born-in like me, even if I was a partially awake one, the extent of the rotten corruption astounded me, it felt like finding out that those you thought were your Parents were not, everything they told you was a Lie, and that they were Paedophiles as well.

  • neverscreamagain

    whathappened - The Mexico/Malawi fiasco hit me hard also. I was young and newly studying and I remember writing letters in a vain hope that it would help their situation. When many years later I learned that the whole scenario could have simply been avoided, and that a hypocritical double standard was being applied, all because a corrupt leadership could cry "look how we are being persecuted", it quite literally made me ill. I knew that only truly evil people could do something so devoid of morality, of true concern for another person. And later when honest people brought up the inconsistancies involved and their concerns would be dismissed without concern, it showed that they had concern only of maintaining their power and the status quo.

    I remember reading the details about this, and thinking that I had to be reading it wrong, and surely I was missing something. So I read through it again slower, trying to find flaws with the reasoning, but it was to be a vain attempt. Sincere people were being killed, raped, and tortured so that a group of incompetant corporate directors could maintain an image.

    I remember getting a bottle, turning off the lights, and sobbing for quite some time. I knew that this was a turning point and there was no going back.

  • Honesty

    I was surprised to learn that the majority of JW's in responsible positions (BO, DO, CO elder, ministerial servant) care more about the Watchtower Society's image than they do about truth, morals, honesty and spiritual values.

  • DeWandelaar

    I was annoyed at DC's by questions like: Are we not PROUD to be in Jehovah's Organisation? ... Are we not HAPPY with our spiritiual kingdom? and after that the clapping of hands they expected to hear... i stopped clapping since a lot of things were just wrong.

    I was also very annoyed about elders and other people that should have taken the lead in preaching but were always paying second visits (iow drinking coffee) when every other sheep was walking in the field.

    And then came a Watchtower about the new songbook (ugly songs yak!!!). It was talking about Russell and how he got his faith back by listening to music that was coming from a BAPTIST church... I was like DaFuq?!?! A BAPTIST church was needed to get Russell to gain back his faith? So all JW's were following a weakling that was visiting OTHER churches? Hmmm

    So I started looking in wikipedia and other sources about the destruction of Jeruzalem and the date it happened. And then... it all fitted... No 607 > no 1914 > no coming of Christ at that time for sure etc etc etc

    So... how did I wake up? By their own propoganda... how ironic!

    Reading CoC and letters on the internet just was just proving that I was right about this all... JW's are a cult...

  • punkofnice

    Cor blimey guv'nor. Loads!

    Homosexuals on the GB. (I have no problem with people's life chooices but when they are in control of an organization that claims to be against such things........)

    Jaracz was quite likely a paedophile.


    Phillip Morris tobacco.

    The U.N. I knew about but trusted it was a 'library card(TM)' situation.

    The list is endless.....

  • Fernando

    Their hidden yet venomous contempt for the "good news" whilst claiming to be "publishers of the good news".

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Yes, Fernando, that's a far more subtle one but very potent! Reminds me of when I learned they substituted 'undeserved kindness' for grace which totally obscures the simple love and, well, for want of another word, grace, that Jesus preached.

  • punkofnice

    ''Ego imi'' - they mis-translate John 8:58 (from 'IAM' to 'I have been'), quite blatantly.

    I'm not sure how they get around this in a Greek NWT????

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