What Do You Do On The Weekend?

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  • TheRecordCollector

    What do you do on the weekend?

    And how do you spend your spare time?

  • WildHorses

    Work, I am getting ready to leave for work early today. I was in the emergency room from 2am till 8am and have to go back to pick up my prescription. I couldn't afford it. $113.00 for 20 cipro pills. I have a severe kidney infection but I still have to go to work without sleep so I can now pay for the hospital bill.

    Maybe one day I will be able to spend my weekends doing anything I wish. Even if it's nothing at all.


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  • WildTurkey

    We go dancing, and play with our kids, take them to the lake.

  • teenyuck

    Clean, run errands, sleep in, eat a decent dinner, meet with friends, go to a movie, rent a movie....all the stuff I did not have the opportunity to do as a JW...except cleaning!

  • DakotaRed

    For me, mostly I am trying to get the house cleaned up where the soon to be ex and her brats never did housework. Of course, there is the yard too, but it's pretty wet, so maybe I'll have to let it grow higher, only past my ankles right now.

    Tonight, I get to babysit my two grandsons while Mom & Dad go out with friends. They feel bad to ask me to sit, but I look on it as a privilege.

    Of course, since I worked all week, I take a lot of breaks and watch a little TV and nap some too. Tomorrow, I'll watch the race and continue the smae old boring routine.

    Hopefully, someday I will met a decent woman and we can share responsibilities and on weekends, drive to the coast or the mountains and enjoy getting away together.

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  • meat pie
    meat pie

    We go to car boot sales, a bit of grocery shopping, go to the beach or sometimes go further inland for a picnic( we are on the edge of the Scottish Highlands)We do all this with the kids, 12 & 14. I really enjoy going out on Sunday a.m. also not having to spend Saturday evening doing the WT.Sunday a.m car boot sales are fun witness spotting zones, I usually only get to see their cars, I think they must hide!

  • Bendrr

    Well, a weekend for me is only Sunday since I work most Saturdays till 4. Sundays are for sleeping in and relaxing, a little cleaning and laundry, watch a movie or two and if I feel like it hit the gun range. And of course drink beer. (but not when shooting, mind you)Last Sunday I went to the gun range. The hillbilly in the lane next to me was peppering his silhouette target with holes, basically everything EXCEPT a kill-shot and I calmly put a box of 100 rounds in the #9 circle or better on one target.


  • LB

    What about you Record Collector??

    Take care of yourself Lilacs.

    I usually go scuba diving http://www.padi.com/ or geocaching http://www.geocaching.com/ or cycling on my Gold Rush recumbent. http://www.geocities.com/e_r_r_c/

    Never Squat With Yer Spurs On

  • unclebruce

    Lilacs xxx (that's awefull, medicine costs a tenth of that here) best wishes, unc


    Good to see you posting. My weekends are always busy and rarely the same. Not when there are markets to go to, coffee shops and beaches that need visiting etc.. For example, as a member of "W.I.R.E.S" (wildlife information and rescue service) Last night I was called out to rescue an injured wombat (female hit by car with a baby still in the pouch .. mother died but baby might be OK) Last week I sqeezed in a visit to Canberra and spent the night at fellow JWD poster Barry's house (a man with interesting pastimes) Today I will be gardening (or at least trying to establish a garden) and then going back into the shed to work on restoring an antique dresser. I love working with my hands, weekends or not. Such a short life and so many things to enjoy!

    Thank's for the reminder .. I'm outta here LOL ... get a hobby or three I say (and make sure none of them involve meetings with fanatics or group singing

    cheers unclebruce


    SIT in my chair playing with U guys on this forum mostly with my webtv / try to take care of myself as best as I can as I am disabled and have some physical limitations and live on limited income / WHEN we think it is in our budget we go out to eat and or go to the show..we also like arts and crafts and read / watch tv / and eat and since I AM an hard core apostate they do not I repeat bother trying catching at our resident door and the one time they cornered LISA (she was alone) they was sorry they did cuz a lot of people heard what LISA had to report (so much for being taken into the KH library) we have nothing to hide..Could not wait for DATELINE to air / we did our own airing!!!! (((((hugs))))) peace

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