I missed a lot of TV over the last 30 years

by sosoconfused 35 Replies latest social entertainment

  • scotinsw

    The Wire is top notch tv.

  • talesin

    Yes, that's the show I was trying to remember ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, The Wire

    good TV!

    thanks, scotinsw...................... this old lady has a lot of memory problems, and you got it. Spot on1


  • 3rdgen

    Hubby and my fav is Sons of Anarchy. The show is about a motorcycle gang (similar to Hell's Angels).The show is gritty,violent and accurate as to what really goes on. Even the towns in Calif. that are mentioned are true. My ex husband and 2 of his mistresses and friends were bikers/drug dealers so I have 1st hand knowledge of what goes on in their world. The 2 main characters are IDENTICAL to my ex and his 2ond wife.

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    If you like sci-fi, best show ever! FARSCAPE but that is just my little humble opinion

  • talesin

    oh, Newly,, I will have to check that out....... lurvs mah sci-fi!



  • slimboyfat

    Dexter is good (especially the season with the Trinity killer).

    But Breaking Bad is simply the best TV ever made. The only thing it's lacking is any good looking women.

  • infernosdante

    seinfeld seinfeld and yes more seinfeld,curb your enthusiasm,and i agree with talesin big bang theory is very good,

  • LisaRose

    Hell on Wheels is great, you can get the first season on Netflix, season three starts soon

    It's about the building of the railroad in the US, sort of a dark western.

    On Network TV, The Good Wife is my favorite, top notch writing and acting.

    Blue Bloods, good cop show show about an Irish Catholic family of Cops in New York.

  • MrFreeze

    Ohhhh LisaRose, I love Hell on Wheels. With all of AMC's top notch programming it goes under the radar.

  • talesin

    LisaRose .......... oh yes, Blue Bloods.......... a most excellent show! With the added bonus of Tom Selleck as the patriarch of the family ....... hubba, hubba! :P

    I also LOVE Rookie Blue.



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