Manhattan Project Arrives in London

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  • Magwitch


    literature stands can now be ordered by certain US congregations from the Society for a fixed price of $47 per cart

    Really? They really can't donate a crap-cart to the congregations?

  • cedars


    Really? They really can't donate a crap-cart to the congregations?

    Nope, congregations need to order them - in sets of two!

    lit carts


  • LostGeneration

    I predict dozens of youtube videos in the years ahead with apostates handing JWs their ass when confronted.

    Nice idea, GB.

  • Resistance is Futile
    Resistance is Futile

    I love the idea. This way people can actually go up to them and ask tough questions about the Watchtower cult. Seriously, what are the odds that they'll knock on the door of someone that truly knows exactly what they teach? And at the door if they encounter someone that knows too much about their religion they can walk away and claim the householder didn't have the right heart condition. On the street, people can easily walk up to them and start asking them difficult questions, or even drop bits of information about their precious organization that they might not even be informed of.

    Cults thrive on information control and isolation of the followers. I'm not sure what the Governing Body was thinking when they approved this project.

  • jgnat

    Here's a list of questions I'd like to try on;

    • There's really no charge for my taking these?
    • How many could I take?
    • How is my "voluntary donation" used? That is, what percentage goes directly to charity?
    • I only donate to charities listed on Is your organization listed there?
    • What sorts of charitable activities does your organization support?
    • Does education extend beyond this type of literature here?
    • Does your organization run any schools, hospitals, that sort of thing?
    • No, you can't have my phone number.
  • Open mind
    Open mind

    There is a November 24, 2012 BOE letter giving directions re: how this work is to be done. It specifically says that while Bibles should not be given out indiscriminately "if someone requests a Bible or demonstrates sincere interest in the truth, then a Bible may be offered to the person."

    So, JWNers, don't forget to "request a Bible".


    And, of course, make sure it makes it's way to the nearest recycling bin.


  • sooner7nc

    How much you want to bet that if some enterprising Brother builds his own cart instead of using the cult approved variety that he quickly gets a cease and desist from the local BOE?

    I do like the point made that they're tied to a fixed location and can't cut and run under the pressure of a knowledgable questioner. Let the Youtubing begin!

  • frankiespeakin

    Selling these Witnessing Carts for 47$ are they made in China? They probably make a hefty profit for the corporation but you need to sell them by the millions to do the corporation any good.

    Hey I got another idea for the corporation to make some cash: Require all JW to buy Watchtower Logo uniforms(Governing Body approved and blessed) for fieldservice carry different brands have some high end products designed by Twinkle Toes Gerrit Loesch, maybe even underwear with a not so easy access to discourage masterbation.

    Neck pillows too might be a good seller make them allowable to wear durring assemlies and meetings.

  • sspo

    I lived in Hemet,CA and the local congr. set up tables with literature in a shopping center, usually older, retired brother and sisters would sit there for 8 hrs a day. The many times i would go in, have never,never seen a soul stopping by and taking any literature or talking to the brothers. Personally i think it's a waste of time and another scheme by the watchtower to keep JW busy.

  • Phizzy

    I remember when they tried to push doing "street work", the C.O came round and we accompanied him in the work, he confesed to me that he "hated" it !

    Most JW's never did it, they felt too exposed, so I guess only a few will do this work, and some of them may drop out after some awkward conversations where, as said above, they cannot cut and run.

    Looks like fun ahead for those of us who know TTATT, can't wait till I see my first trolley !

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