"People often wonder if deaf people can drive, get married, or raise a family."

by cedars 61 Replies latest jw friends

  • MrFreeze

    Sure they can! However, blind people are incapable of one of those things... getting married obviously.

  • frankiespeakin

    I'm thinking simple minded Anthony Morris the 3rd dreamt up the theme for this video, as he's the only that I could imagine dumb enough to think this question needs answering because many people are wondering about it often so that it needed some type of resolution to set the record staight.

  • Satanus

    Blind people can't look at porn. Poor babies. I wouldn't trust a blind person to drive;) Deaf people, another story.


  • rebel8

    wts has a hard time learning its lessons, doesn't it? Or are there deaf jws left they haven't insulted enough yet?

  • Iamallcool

    cedars, no I do not have any children but I was married for YEARS!

  • Iamallcool

    I might have children that I am not aware of.

  • Vidiot
    rebel8 - "wts has a hard time learning its lessons, doesn't it?"

    Either that, or they're doing it on purpose to alienate potential troublemakers within the Org (and thin out the herd)... in my observation, a lot of deaf people tend to have outgoing, vivacous personalities (a complement, BTW), which doesn't jive too well in an ultra-conservative, authoritarian high-control group.

    Considering the pretty solid argument that the WTS is very much aware of their own use of effective propaganda techniques, I'd say the latter.

    Just my opinion.

  • Scott77

    Lol and Lol, this thread is very reveting. As someone is culturely a Deaf person with extensive years of working with Deaf people in a professional capacity, I can say that the Watchtower is not an expert on Deaf Issue and what they and cannot do. I have interacted many times in group setting similar to the one presented in that video scenes. The smiles displayed by many in those faces are certainly fake. This is pure commericial. I know some of those people in the video. Gojira_101, great job providing some ASl interpretation. I think, part of the target for this video are members of Deaf Community. But they have scored badly on this. Alot of Deaf people are opposed to JW cult religion for many reasons.


  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    REally? You know deaf people who are against JW religion, not because like everyone else who thinks they're crackpots, but because the way they are condescending to deaf people? Or just insensitive as well?

  • Scott77

    REally? You know deaf people who are against JW religion, not because like everyone else who thinks they're crackpots, but because the way they are condescending to deaf people? Or just insensitive as well?
    Julia Orwell

    Let me clarify. Deaf people by nature and design are a socially, culturally and linguistically minority and very tight group. As such, they want to socialize with fellow Deaf people based on these characteristics. Unfortunately, within the Deaf JWs Watchtower world, there are so few of them like about one or two Deaf JWs in whole ASL congregation. So whom and where Deaf JWs are going to socialize? Everyone who is not a Deaf JW is considered a worldly person.

    You are going to see a Sign Language Congregation with no Deaf Person within it. How are you going to feel it when you visit a Spanish-Speaking Congregation with no real Spanish person within it?

    Members of ASL congregations including a visiting COs may be a good ASL signers but no one is a Deaf person. Regardless of how far a hearing person has gone to ward perfecting his or her ASL skill, still that person lacks the experience of having lived a life of Deafness and its associated characteristics of struggle, perils, communication issues etcs.

    At Gallaudet University, the world’s only Liberal university for the Deaf and Heard of Hearing, the Deaf revolted in 1988 to demand a Deaf President, and when their demand was granted, it marked the of centuries of Dominations by Hearing Leaders even thought they were good ASL Signers. [http://www.gallaudet.edu/dpn_home.html]

    Within the Watchtower congregation structure, there are rarely Deaf elders and ministerial Servants. Even if one is there, they are fully controlled by hearing Elders who do not understand the unique needs of Deaf people. No wonder, many Deaf find it alien to their social, linguistic and culture set up to be associated with anting that run counter to what they are made of.

    Also, within the ASL videos being mass-produced by the Watchtower using CODA children and their Deaf parents, many of the signs in use are alien to members of the general Deaf Community. This area has been a source of conflict for the very reason that new signs by nature are produced and approved by members of Deaf Community who see their daily use.

    Unfortunately, within the Watchtower world, CODA children like the one in the vide displayed and a few Deaf individual with no contact to the General World Deaf Community hold sway on how signs will be make regardless of what others who are non JWs will perceive them to be. The emphasis on 'theocratical Signs' delute and undermines the current univerity effort to research and produce signs that are accurate and professially acceptable to all ASL usnsers in such setting as colleges, univesities, courts of law, hospital and public places.


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