Black or white what Racial Discrimination have you experienced?

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  • Mum

    First, I am Caucasian.

    I went to a Korean grocery store, and the owner or an employee followed me every step. She did not say anything to me at all, and I said nothing to her either. I got spooked and left without buying anything. When I told a Korean friend about the incident, he told me that the person was just ensuring that I found what I wanted. It's hard to understand other cultures. I'm not sure I believe what my friend told me either.

  • Balaamsass

    Accosted commuting to work and beat badly and had cigarettes put out in my ears and face during a riot by a group of black rioters.

    Threatened in "field service" by group of Black Muslims- Chanted "Blue eyed Devils" untill we left neighborhood.

  • jam

    On three different job interviews. On each occasion, the first

    in 1968 (after returing from Viet Nam) second in 1974 and

    the third in 1984, all told me the same thing. We have had

    some problems with black employees in the past. All

    three jobs I got and I moved up rapidly in each.

  • fakesmile

    i could have pawned darden inc. thanks to a mini recorder and a piss poor manager. lol. also personel dept effed up royaly. basically a dispute over theft of my tip. the manager who played judge was similar in race to the defense. i was sent home. as a person of 5 months who recieved several good reports i had a slam dunk case with audio proof. i just didnt care to persue it.

    btw. i am a white male and was a minority at that location. even tho, several people quit when i left.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I'm in a mixed marraige. We have experianced racial remarks from both sides of the fence. All but a few incidances were outside of Los Angeles

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