Assuming the flood story was true , did humans eat meat before the flood ?

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  • prologos

    talking of diet, vegetarian,

    many JWs have the idea that Adam& Eve were perfect, had everlasting life, not so.

    they were not better than animals, physicly speaking they had a limited life span from day one.

    only the special tree, of life, not forbidden, would extend their life expectency beyond that of a turtle.

    Now religions have life because of meat, sheep,

    they live off the sheep.

    carnevors all.

  • villagegirl

    Hindus figured out how to survive feeding

    the millions of people in India with no killing of animals.

    The eat lentils, grains, legumes, dried peas, garlic, yogurt,

    a whole array of spices, rice, different kinds of grains,

    and seeds, and oil and make cheese without any animal byproducts in it.

    and fruit of course, all these things can be dried and therefore stored.

    Vegetable Rennet (used by Seventh Day Adventist vegetarians, Buddhists, Hindus )

    Several sources of plant-based rennet are perfectly suitable

    to make cheese. Some of these plant sources include:

    Fig leaves or bark
    Wild thistle
    Stinging nettle

  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer


    “Assuming the flood story was true, did humans eat meat before the flood?”

    smiddy ,

    According to the Bible, yes.

    Here are three articles on the subject with each providing material most folks taught by Watchtower have never read or considered. I think you’ll find the material fascinating:

    - Genesis and meat eating? available at:

    - Watchtower fighting Genesis 1:26 and 28 available at:

    - God gave Noah express permission to eat blood available at:

    As it turns out, the biblical depiction has humans eating meat from the get-go.

    Marvin Shilmer

  • Finkelstein

    There is evidence of fast food restaurants at the time, so they most likely ate meat.

  • TotallyADD

    villagegirl that may be true for India to a point. But if adam and eve are the first humans and kicked out of the garden. Were did they get the seeds to feed themselves. If the ground was cursed growing food was even harder. To feed just one person on a veg. diet takes alot of certain food to keep them alive. To me it makes no sense they just ate vegtables to keep alive. Your food source you show are good herbs for all but still how did they know about all this at the get go. It takes years and years to develop knowlege on these herbs. Not over night if it is true adam and eve was kick out of the garden of eden to fend for themsevles. Many seeds we have today are hybrids of other plants which took time to develope. Corn is a great example. If you saw the first corn plant you most likely would not know what it was. I just saying humans had to have other food sources other than just plants. Totally ADD

  • BU2B

    What about all the cave paintings of early humans hunting mammoths for food? They died at the flood rigghttt???? Their doctrine is soo full of holes!

  • villagegirl

    I am not saying Adam and Eve were vegetarian.

    If they were then why did God cover their so-called nakedness

    with dead animal skins ?

    This pre-flood vegatarianism belief is a persistant doctrine

    acquired in the 19th century by Russell, from the

    Seven Day Adventists who believe to this day,

    being vegetarian is a more spiritually pure way to live.

    SDA's put huge emphasis on vegetarian diet

    and have Loma Linda Foods, (all vegetarian)

    they manufacture and sell food, have a Loma Linda University,

    Medical Center and Children's Hospital, the Loma Linda

    University Church has a congregation of 7,000.

    located in Loma Linda California.

    Loma Linda is Spanish for Beautiful Hill.

  • mP


    Those same idiiots, believe that demons cause disease, and sick people get these demons because they "sinned" against God. I wouldnt take their opinions as fact.

  • Quarterback

    They just discovered an old Pizza slip from Pizza Hut, dated 500 yrs before the flood. It was a large double pepperoni, with boneless chicken wings.

    Mystery is solved, stay tuned for the next question. Did the preflood population wear under garments?

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