Assuming the flood story was true , did humans eat meat before the flood ?

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  • smiddy

    Or did the slaughtering of animals as sacrificed to God from Abel`s time on , just appease his blood lust.


  • earthfire

    No, they were vegetarians. But of course after the flood they wouldn't have had meat or vegetation to eat. You can't eat of the animals when they are all breeding pairs and all the vegetables were saturated flood waters.

  • prologos

    No, they used the rotting meat to sacrifice to god,

    who was well pleased,

    an agreeable odor in his nostrils.

    that is why the sacrificial animals were preserved as seven,

    one to sacrifice and 3 breeding pairs.

    that is why there were more sheep than humans in New Zealand,

    with the KIWI, the walking bird,

    walked all the way from turkey to new zealand after the flood.

    because if there is no evolution, god made the kiwi and emu that way, never changed, always walked.

    but their meat was eaten after the flood.


    and of course, lions, crocs, sharks all were vegetarian too, so

    all that rotting meat was available for BURNING with wood on the altar.

    maybe that is why there is no Sahara forest, no sinai forest ?

  • BackseatDevil

    Growing up I was taught that everyone was vegetarian. Now, while on the ark, vegetables would only last so long, but we're skipping past that.

    After the ark landed then those that were paired off were to go and reproduce, and those that there were seven of were to be used for sacrificing and (as true in many cultures around the same time) the meat was allowed to be consumed after it was sacrificial purpose, thus giving charcoal and wood a several thousand year head start over propane when it comes to barbequing.

  • prologos

    yeah, but the rub is before the flood.

    all and everyone vegetarian, like in eden 2 to come. lions eating straw,

    lions not eating old, sick, mal-formed wilderbeast.

    all the meat rotting, better to sacrifice it.

    just in case the boss gets angry.

  • Comatose

    Ha. I love this question. It doesn't fit with why Abel would be offering sacrifices. Makes no sense.

  • speargrass55

    There wasn't any flood. Man has always loved meat. For example I lots of parents forcing their kids to eat their greens but never their meat. We instinctively love meat. Always have.

  • smiddy

    Some have obviously misunderstood my question (but not all )

    Their was supposedly 2000 years from Adams creation to the flood.

    Presumably Abel would have been offering his sacrifice within the first hundred or so years ?And apparently he would have continued to do so for the rest of his life,it would not have been a one off thing. Again, presuming he wasnt the only person on earth who was seeking to find favour with God in offering animal sacrifices for the best part of 1800 years before the flood, their must have been many ? yes ?

    Or do you think Abel was the only person to seek Gods favour by shedding an animals blood as a sacrifice during that 2000 year period ?

    So for two thousand years of animal sacrifices on the alter to jehovah ,humans never ate meat , isnt that what jehovahs witnesses beleive ?

    Then again if humans did eat the meat after offering the sacrifice when God hadnt sanctioned it and he saw fit to destroy mankind in the flood , because they were wicked in his sight ,he then sanctions their eating of meat after the flood and now its alright. ?

    I`m just trying to clarify my point


  • speargrass55

    Look smiddy, humans didn't invent knives, spears and axes to hunt vegetables. We are meat eaters.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I tried out an old time JW on the sheep thing.

    Why were Adam's kids herding sheep if they didn't eat them?.

    #1 Clothing!! Me.. You don't have to kill a sheep to make clothes and what did they do with all the stuff they didn't make clothes out of??

    #2 They made cheese!! Me.. Where did they get their rennet from?? the corner dairy?? the supermarket??

    I'm still waiting for the answers.

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