Assuming the flood story was true , did humans eat meat before the flood ?

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  • MrFreeze

    THey ate/sacrificed animals as soon as they got off the ark. I guess that means that a species was wiped out from it.

    But it doesn't matter since humans were eating meat since as long as they existed... thousands upon thousands upon thousands of years before the flood supposedly occured.

    I guess god never heard of genetic bottlenecking either.

  • smiddy

    Black Sheep

    Maybe their still waiting for nu-lite .......,hang on ,they have had so much nu-lite these past couple of years , "THIS " nu-lite has probably had to go on the backburner.


  • prologos

    no sane thinking adult person takes the FLOOD story seriously, but

    WT writer DO!

    the eight

    with weight DO!

    so by taking them at their word and SARCASTICLY showing them the ramifications of their teachings

    and to their admirers, we

    help them with their self-analises.

    The F&DS does not ASSUME the flood story as TRUE,

    They KNOW its true.

    Knowledge is POWER.

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    The book of Enoch says that the Nephilim were not satisfied with the food and started eating all animals with their blood.

  • Quarterback

    Assuming the flood story was true.

    Well, the Genesis account in chapter 9: 1-4 indicates that Jehovah gave permission to the flood survivors to eat meat, and that a fear would exist between the marine, and animal kingdom. There is no other detail about what the diet was mentioned except in Gen 3: 18, 19. It was mentioned that mankind would experience a curse of the ground when cultivating the vegetation. Mankind was to eat produce from the ground. Prior to the rebellion in Eden, Adam and Eve ate freely from any tree in the garden with the exception of the tree of "Knowledge of Good, and Bad". Those are the the only Bible references that shed light on this subject.

  • blondie

    So humans were murdering each other pre-flood but somehow obeyed some doctrine against killing animals..........

  • mP


    No, they used the rotting meat to sacrifice to god,

    who was well pleased,

    an agreeable odor in his nostrils.

    thats simply not true, the priests always took their cut. Thats why they want the best of the best. YOu can easily verify this by scanning the torah.

    Sacrifices are the biggest scam for free food in history. After all why would any god need food from humans.

  • prologos

    mp. I was quoting sriptures , freely.

    the first or second would - be priest Abel*, did not EAT the meat he sacrificed,

    was a "righteous man" adhering to gods command to eat only seed, froot. beans may be?

    Of course after the flood priests would not only get the 10% but the tenderloin, and sometimes the tender young ladies to go with it.

    oor farmers, poor workers, always dealing with those on the take.

    food for thought.

    * Abel,

    the second man with a navel.

  • Satanus

    Before the flood, they ate tofu.


  • Quarterback

    Well, mankind was always getting themselves in trouble. I'm not sure if the materialized Angels even ate. The other accounts when Abraham offered them food states that they were pleased. So their human bodies must of needed food. I'm not sure if there are any other referenced material that would tell us about their diet.

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