A scary day in FS today

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  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    you should notify child protective services...

  • Jaidubdub

    That happened to me once. the householder was nice enough to give me a cool drink while I sat in the shade for a minute. While I was recovering, the jw continued to try & shove the magazines at the householder & had no concern for my well being. After we left the house, this jw just continued on as if nothing happened. When I saw mum (who was working with someone else), I told her what happened & the jw I was working with told mum I was young and strong, if she could do it, so could I & that I should be fine to carry on preaching - I was about 12 at the time. Luckily my mum took me straight home...

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I passed out in service once myself. I was newly married and just totally exhausted from working and trying to get my time in and no I was not pregnant. I was on a Bible study with another pioneer my age, I had never been in this woman's home before and through the home had a front door she had it blocked and only used the kitchen door which then lead onto her closed in back porch and outside.

    So we were in the living room and I just started to feel really sick, starting sweating and thought I was going to pass out right there. I told the sister I was with I needed to get some air and she barley acknowledged me speaking, so I got up walked through the living room into the hall way which than lead into the kitchen and the next thing I know I was waking up lying on my back in the back porch. I have not a clue how long I was out. I crawled outside and sat in the car for 10 15 minutes until I felt some better and then I went back inside the sister was going on with the study like nothing had happened. When the study was over the sister and the study insisted I was just pregnant never mentioned anything about hearing me fall or anything they just sort of blew it off like I was just being a pain for disrupting the study. I felt so stupid.

    When I was alone with the sister in the car on the way back to the hall I told her I had passed out and she said I thought I heard you fall like it really irritated her. Within the week her husband told me I needed to quite pioneering if I did not have health insurance as he did not want to pay for my health care though his taxes. There was no love or carring not a mention of how I was doing just I do not want to give you a dime of my money. The sick thing is this couple went on to have two kids and somehow through home schooling as they live in the country they are able to get about $1,500 a month from the school system to help them cover the cost of the kids schooling, and yes I as a home owner now am paying for it.


  • InChristAlone

    Thank you for your comments. He is 15, I think. It could have been heat exhaustion. I highly doubt that he would claim anything on our homeowner's insurance. He has been coming on and off for two years and is one of the nicer ones I have had the pleasure of knowing, so no I don't plan on calling child protective services. It's unfortunately something that happens in this weather. I am so proud of my family and many neighbors who ran over to help. We had cold bottles of water for anyone who needed it, bags of ice for his neck, and a towel for his bleeding head, not to mention we took turns holding him in a comfortable position. With any luck the father and son were able to see the genuine kindness of "worldly" people. The father rode in the ambulance with him, so I am certain that FS was over for today. As for the rest of the JW's who came by, I don't know.

    Update: the father called me tonight to fill me in. Many tests were run, and they all came back negative, so no lasting or underlying problems. He took a very long nap today and seems to be recovering well. He doesn't remember the fall or hitting his head, I am glad to say. I am most enthusiastic that the father let me pray for them over the phone and was very receptive to the idea. Remember, I am not a JW, so that was a big deal in my opinion. They will not return next week as it is their convention. Hopefully the following week, I will hear that he is happy and healthy. Thanks for your comments. For those who have been through it, I'm sorry. It is pretty scary.

  • MrFreeze

    Do you live in the area of the US that is experiencing extreme temperatures? Hope he'll be okay.

  • InChristAlone

    I live in the Southeast. Temperatures have been running highs of mid to upper-80's because it has been raining a lot. Very humid though, so still not comfortable.

  • RubaDub
    PS Did you know 40 years ago local sisters in West Africa went to assembly's, conventions, meetings and service topless?

    LoisLane ...

    The Society made a good call on that one, changing the policy.

    I just can't imagine sitting next to someone in 100 degree heat , sans deodorant, legs spready wide open, with her boobs swinging below her waist.

    (Sorry about the visual. I guess I have watched the History Channel too much)

    Rub a Dub

  • Kool Jo
    Kool Jo

    I sure hope this lad is ok now!


    Kool Jo

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