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  • abbasgreta

    Hi everyone! I have so enjoyed all your threads and input this last year! I really feel like I know you all. Very briefly, all four of us left Da Troof exactly one year ago and dissed ourselves within days. We all felt that after doing our research we could not carry on being in Satans synagogue. Was and is painful, my mum, like me 55 years of wt history accused ME of being one of Satans' minions and especially since this year's apostate talk - has ceased all contact. But we have new family in Christ who are just the best people I have ever been around. Just sooo happy - never stopped loving God, I always knew I was more than just his friend - in my mind I was always his daughter. I just want to thank you for all your support, it has been a fast-moving and extremely unexpected journey of discovery (and research and bible study) this past year. Just one point for now, I will never forgive the wt for their NWT. As a true and faithful dub (pio) I used to defend it to the hilt. I realised that my whole faith was based on falsehoods. So I started on Boice's Foundation of Christianity and was absolutely blown away with the bible insight of the author. I was so shocked at the knowledge and wisdom of a "B the G" writer that I fell on my knees in sheer disbelief and begged God for guidance. I had told Him just before our last meeting that I knew He was being mis-represented by the watchtower. We ended up at the church down the road within 3 months. I nearly passed out upon entering, I was so indoctrinated with religious hatred. But it was like receiving a real hug from my Father. Oh the lies we have been told about church going Christians! They are just Jesus's hands and feet in our local community and beyond. I only wish I can make up for 55 years of lost time and carry on being a real follower of Jesus, it is just joyous. I appreciate we are all different and embrace every single one of you. This is just my story. Love, Greta.xx

  • cedars

    Welcome Greta, lovely to have you with us. You sound happy and content now that you are free from Watchtower's indoctrination, which is great to hear.

    Since you are still very much a believer, you might find the following links interesting at some point. They are to websites/forums set up by Christian Ex-JWs. But for now, welcome to JWN!



  • Phizzy

    Great to have you with us Greta ! Welcome !

    My experience was not disimilar, I was "in" for close on 60 years, and my old Mum has more or less stopped speaking, except every now and then I drop in on her, and she acts reasonably then. The rest of the JW family really don't want to know us, although we are not DF'd or DA'd, just obviously "apostate".

    The freedom to worship how we want and with whom, or not to worship at all if we prefer, is there for all of us who have left the clutches of the W.T

    I find all non-JW's that I have met since leaving to be great people, oh how we were lied to ! And I agree, the NWT has some of the most dishonest and inaccurate renderings of any version.

    Enjoy your freedom, the freedom to be happy !

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    Hi Greta and welcome!!!

  • Crazyguy

    Great post and welcome, I pretty much feel the same way as I learned the real truth and what Christianity is really about.

  • StAnn

    Hi Greta and welcome to posting! Glad you've found Christianity. I love it. God has so much to give us, if we can get the WTS out of the way.

  • mouthy

    Wonderful that you were able to cut the chains that bound us.

    Great you found a good church your happy in.You are following the WAY,TRUTH,LIFE!!!! Jesus
    God Bless

    Grace >Mouthy

  • abbasgreta

    Hi there. How lovely to receive 2 replies. Cedars and Phizzy - 2 real heroes. xx I'm in touch via Youtube (i'm Aquaseventree and have posted a lot of comments, but no vids yet. My IT skills are just rubbish!) with quite a few new ex-jw Christians and am UK East Mids based. Missed the UK Witnesses Now for Jesus day at Stockport as we were busy getting confirmed on the Sunday! Yes, within a couple of days of leaving the cult we were literally hugging strangers in the street! Oh to be free of all that hatred for people, how dark is that? Talk about being transferred from the Kingdom of Darkness into wonderful light. I woke up quite instantly at the 2007 DA in Manchester England in the Sun pm session. Yes, from one second to another! I was a tired out 50 year old pio (female) who had believed the incredible hype in the 00s about soooooo clooooose. When the DO asked us to clap cos we were gonna be there next year THAT DID IT. Liars, liars liars - just like that. I nearly flipped on the bus back home, I just let all the vented up frustration and anger OUT - I called the org everything from a pig to a dog and know some bros thought I had lost it. It still took until 2012 to leave! Me, my husband and two daughters. Especially the girls had woken up by themselves in the year prior. My 16 year old said to me "if I hadn't been brought up in this religion I have to say I wouldn't be one".. But boy we were scared to leave, the mind control is just incredible. Nearly caved in the last week but all prayed together - what a prayer that was! I just think the Holy Spirit acts upon heartfelt desperate prayers like that one. The best thing I read on here was "someone only believes in what they found out for themselves". I would NOT have acted on any info from "an apostate" AT ALL - no matter how accurate the source. Dubs are absolutely brain-washed drones - I pray for them every day. Will post stuff bit by bit (need one of the girls to help me find my way round on here lol). Till then, much love, Greta.xx

  • ?evrything

    Welcome to freedom.

  • Oubliette

    Welcome to the forum!

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