My Last thoughts in Field Service Before the Elderly Man Shat Himself and Pissed his pants in My New Car!

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  • PokerPlayerPhil

    "Field Service used as a drop off Day Care" oh Hell Yeah! We had your problem too, having bigger cars meant you could carry around the entire JW Brady Bunch plus Partridge Family's too! Kids probably don't remember the Partridge Family drove around in a bus, can you imagine how many witnesses would love this arrangement if we had a fridge, bathroom and beer-tap (for our elders that carried a flask in their book bags, yes they did!). There's nothing like knocking on the doors and having your four year old peeing on their daisies, the kind householder who laughed so hard and offered me a beer after looking at my face turn beet red saying "I am a grand-dad, your gonna get through this too!" laughing with a Kris Kringle Chucke(he was a really kind person and never yelled at the frequent visits by crazy pioneers trying to hit Super Pioneer hours. You know their type, we often spoke of them with "Oh he/she would make a good witness if only they would become a JW), what a good sports many of our householders were even those who got angry deserved to be pissed off!

    When I was younger I had ladies come to the door totally naked(and yes, it crossed my mind to do a "service call!) just to mess with us, if I had the mind I have now, I would have carried a "Wild Female Care Kit" asking her to teach me all the secrets to lovemaking :) We really did experience something nobody else can relate to, all the rules and mind numbing doctrinal changes while debating the same things over and over (Trinity, Soul, Hell-fire, 144,000) like the Rapture, how do JWs now explain that little gem? I was asked by someone why I would want to go to the Apostafest after leaving the Cult because they don't want anything to do with anything JW related and believe all we are going to do "Is talk about the Organization and JW things the entire time!", they are really upset beyond consolation now. I think we can laugh about our Field Service memories unlike him, we look back and see some of the fun and absurdity of it all! I should have had a Field Service Partner who liked Stevie Ray Vaun and took wild meds!

  • prologos

    (Numbers 8:25) . . .But after the age of fifty years he will retire from the service company and serve no longer. Jws shouldn't go in Field service after 50, it's scriptural. John Aquila,

    that would apply if jw would be considered true members of the ISRAEL of god, but they are not, unless of the approved anointed, the GB/FADS. so these poor oldtimers scared to acquire a blemished record, keep up the service giving out the papers that would come in so handy if----you are in a new car or not.

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  • PokerPlayerPhil

    There was a couple near 100 years old and the only way they got any attention from the Congregation and avoided being forgotten was going out in Field Service as much as they could. The JW elderly and infirm people go door to door or sit on a street corner next to a JW trolley because they don't have any family or friends in many cases. The Watchtower get's the Humanity F-- Grade, we all know these idiots who allow their older ones to fade away and get shuffled off to Government Rest Homes JWs use.

    Older JWs without financial means, ones the Watchtower wont be on their inheritance list, those who lived a modest life get screwed in their "years of dread" Ecl. This site is loaded with examples of the Watchtower stealing time and resources from those who can least afford it and live like gods, the Dark lords of the Watchtower.

  • CloseTheDoor
    I feel sorry for the older man and blame those who were supposed to be taking care of him in the first place.

    Never had anyone "mess" in my cars. Have had one car's interior destroyed by kids and their bubble gum and cutting a hole in the seat, picking out the insides and then stuffing it up his nose so far no one could get it out. Off to the ER with that one. (He wasn't harmed)

    Elders can be very selfish and self righteous, "asking" publishers to use their cars and to go in dangerous areas whey they (the elders) themselves would never wish to go.
  • WTWizard

    Of all the times I have been in field circus, the biggest thing I have seen is people slamming car doors. I was careful not to do that, since I know slamming car doors is more than just annoying. Each time you slam a door, you put stress on the hinge, tending to pull the door away from the frame at the hinge. This has to do with angular momentum--when the door stops abruptly, it is going to want to pull out at the hinge. The latch end is built to take this abuse, the hinges are not. In time, the door will sag, and then you need to slam it to close it. In enough time, it could fall off.

    However, most jokehovians are not cognizant of that. So, thinking it's just a nuisance or that it is just a busted window issue (I never heard of a car window breaking just from the door being slammed), they keep slamming the doors. And not just children or when they are mad, either. We're talking hounders and pious-sneers slamming car doors (so long as it is not their car) all the time. I wonder how many car doors are thus compromised from this abuse.

  • Quarterback
    Up here in Canada we let the Elderly stay home and warn them to stay put. We caution them about how they could accidently break a bone out there. Then we tell them, " Give us your 15 minute increments, not your excrements".
  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2
    Went on an RV once and the householders place reeked of cigarette smoke. Plus the elder I went with talks loud and articulates well, plus is real upbeat about everything. Made me sick and started to get a panic attack, went to the bathroom and used a cold wet towel on my face. Then sat on the stairs and got it together a little, left not long after. I hate small talk and prefer walking and hitting a complete street than going for car rides or on other peoples visits. A people person I am not. Funny how I could of went for a 30 min run after and feel fine. I just can't be trapped, died in the wool country boy. I just do what I can now.

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