Making the Jehovah's Witnesses OWN THEIR OWN EVIL

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  • Terry

    Drunkards often scape-goat responsibility onto their drinking--as though it were morally defensible to cause accidents or death!

    Serial drinking and driving is a plague on highways across the world. Drunkeness has been labeled as a "disease" and it isn't unusual

    to hear about drunk drivers as "victims" of their own addictive weakness for alcohol.

    But, what would you think about a drunk driver who tried to TEACH OTHERS to drink and drive WHILE INSISTING IT WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO??


    As morally indefensible as that would obviously be---there is a similar situation analogous in many ways.

    THE JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES who cause damage repeatedly under the influence of their policies and doctrines seem heedless of critics who identify their wrongs and seek to hold them accountable.

    Should we hold Jehovah's Witnesses responsible morally for merely demonstrating LOYALTY to their leaders teachings??


    Most of us make mistakes but few of us influence as many people as we can to embrace our mistakes as Divinely Originated.

    We all entertain far out and sometimes fringe notions about health in our lifetime. What we don't do is insist millions of obedient underlings practice

    those fringe notions to the detriment of their own health and that of their children.

    There's THAT.


    Now, concerning the emotional and psychological well-being of families and children, we look at the impact historically on Witnesses for the last hundred years and find a hazardous pattern of abuse!

    This religion drives families to withdraw from normal social settings. Children are made oddballs among their schoolmates and neighbors. Further, young people are made anti-social and cynical about institutions such as Girl Scouts, Meals on Wheels, PTA, Women's shelters, Outreach to homeless, Voters groups and a host of other benign orgnizations.

    REMOVING CHILDREN FROM NORMAL ACTIVITIES makes them depressed, unconfidant and withdrawn.

    So much focus is concentrated on CRACKPOT PREDICTIONS of the End of the World....their's is an insidious abandonment of people's REAL NEEDS in the here and now!

    There is a pattern of duplicitous scape-goating among the leaders whenever their absolutism goes off the rails in disproof. The rank and file are blamed

    for "reading into" predictions rather than merely obeying the GB.

    The disfellowship policies, especially since 1983, have destroyed families unnecessarily by creating a false dichotomy between concern for blood-kin and a threat of extinction at Armageddon.

    Friendships are curtailed with ordinary people and made to be viewed as "worldly" contaminated dupes of demons!


    This religion, while driven by end times apocalyptic fantasies, is virulent and provocative in carrying unworkable solutions to unreal problems into the homes of strangers. Like a cancer it destroys its own hosts.

    The intellectual dishonesty of the leaders of Jehovah's Witnesses has been demonstrated time and again.

    As their prophesy crumbles and rots in full view the books and magazines which support those ideas grow silent and then sly and finally abolishes

    wrong-headed certainty with an airy wave of the GB "hand" in painting over the rust with New Light.

    We BLAME Jehovah's Witnesses for having NEVER PRODUCED ANY DECENCY in handling those who find their teachings disagreeable.

    They are quick to condemn without due process any member who grows skeptical. They label them enemies, apostates and mentally diseased. They tear them away from friends and families and are impudent enough to say they speak OFFICIALLY for Jehovah in so doing!

    The poison of JW teachings does not end there. Oh no!

    Each and every one of the 7 million members must view their Governing Body as a SUBSTITUTE for Jesus Christ and invest 100% unquestioning loyalty in their serial goofiness & policies.



    I blame Jehovah's Witnesses for having the temerity to convict people of THOUGHT CRIMES and by group bullying marginalise former member's humanity by destroying their value in the eyes of others.

    When this religion is WRONG it is as absolute a wrong as can be possible.

    So far, this WRONG-ness has never dropped below 100% prophetically.

    I personally was admonished to view the instructions of JW leadership as a substitute for my OWN conscience and instructed to lie in carrying

    out so-called NEUTRALITY toward the Military when I was a teen.

    My own life was brought to a screeching pause for 2 years in non-productive and feckless idleness IMPRISONED due to Watchtower idiocy!

    We can BLAME Jehovah's Witnesses for not using their own rational minds in discarding pre-enlightenment superstition to guide their own steps and we can BLAME Jehovah's Witnesses for carrying this ignorance into neighborhoods and calling it "the TRUTH".

    It ISN'T "the TRUTH". It is POISON.

    There is nothing to celebrate when poisoners go about their work with unrelenting seriousness empowered by a cartoon god and sociopathic mindset.

    All that is necessary for EVIL to prosper is that good men do nothing to stop it!

  • ?evrything

    Awesome post.

  • Terry

    WE all get the results we deserve if we don't take some small steps each and every day to put people on notice

    as to what the Watchtower organization REALLY represents by way of danger to families and community and mental health.

    I look at it as UNdoing all the harm I did going door to door for almost 2 decades.

  • Crazyguy

    Do you really think in the latest WT that they have left out Jesus? I was looking at the Mag last night, could the one on the throne be infact jesus?

  • steve2

    Terry with respect: the sensationalist analogy of drunk drivers causing death to JW teens who refuse blood is perhaps a step too far for those of us who have lost family members by the actions of drunk drivers. The analogy "takes over" the otherwise excellent point you are making when you could elegantly and persuasively make the point without any analogy at all, let alone an analogy that has the subtlety of an unempathic sledgehammer. You lost me on page one and, if your intention is to reach people - and not freak them out with grab-bag headlines, you might re-consider the use of that personally sickening analogy.

  • truthhurts13

    At least once a month I like to swing by a random jaydubs house and knock on their door with a bunch of unanswerable questions. I love gettin the whole family at once. Especially when the kids are there to watch their parents cowar down to some "worldy" guy who just showed up askin questions. I silence them every time, then leave with a huge smile. Open a can of worms, then leave. They never expect anyone to come to their house. Let alone come to their house and put them in their place right in front of their whole family. Great Stress Relief!

  • DilemmaGF

    Noted. Great one Terry

  • villagegirl

    REMOVING CHILDREN FROM NORMAL ACTIVITIES makes them depressed, unconfidant and withdrawn.

    This is precisely what happened to my daughter. She wanted to join Brownies, I treated it as if it

    was some horrible evil thing , looking back I cannot believe I behaved this way. I loved my daughter.

    Brownies ? Really ? I cannot believe I deprived her of normal social experiences like having a Birthday Party

    and wrapping up presents for Christmas, I am so, so, sorry, if I could go back and re-do it I would.

    Children do not survive intact. They are wounded in ways that make them isolated internally.

    Born-ins are living in a trance, like post traumatic stress victims. Those who carry on and inflict this

    on the next generation are living half lives, disconnected from reality.

  • prologos

    Crazy guy, the chariot vision, portraying the glass ceiling and the throne is based on OT vision, right?

    Michael at that time was a mere, albeit special, angel.

    If Christ is head of the congregation, there should be a connection, not a separation. right?

    Terry, thank you>

    Jehovahs Witness bible class 6 am 2pm picture:


  • TheOldHippie

    But I really don't get the criticism on the organization chart, 'cause it says it shows the EARTHLY organization, and to my knowledge, Jesus for the time being is NOT here on Earth?

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