Are the GB Mental

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  • moley

    Just a thought, do the Gb actually beleive they are gods chosen reps and truly beleive this crap or are they just in it for the power and the authority

  • cantleave

    No they are cynical manipulators.

  • Mum

    Obviously, they are bat crap crazy! There's no telling what they really think. I believe that in Orwell's 1984, the members of the Inner Party did know it was all b*llsh*t. GB are Inner Party in the JW universe, so who knows?

  • frankiespeakin

    I think they really beleive it. They can't allow doubt to take root, so they smother it with be heavy doses of Black and White Thinking and gargantuan Leaps in Logic to sustain the delusion in order to keep cognitive dissonance to a minimum.

  • cedars

    I personally think they're just stupid, deluded, egotistical men who have bought into their own crap.

    I'm not discounting the possibility that there's something more sinister and deliberate going on, but until clear evidence emerges to support this I prefer to give them all the benefit of the doubt (if you can call it that).


  • Londo111

    As Ray said about the original GB: "They are Captives to a Concept."

  • Adventurousone

    Hello Moley:

    They are not mental, they know exactly what their doing. They are very good at what they do LIE. Lies after lies you have to have your head on to be able to tell all those lies. Their interest is keeping things going. Why, so they can have the things they have such as insurance, cars, a place to live and food. Who could ask for more. Oh yeah and money, all the money they want is theirs. So they can't be mental to have all that at hand.


  • Sapphy

    I work in a large organisation. In my experience, cock ups and stupid policies come from fear of being sued, buck passing and ass covering.

    Basically never ascribe evil when common ol' stupidity will do.

  • DesirousOfChange

    When I was an Elder, I believed it. Hook, line, and sinker.

    I was very much involved at the circuit & district level.

    I thought Holy Spirit was moving things along Organizationally. I (thought) I saw it in action.

    So.......yes, I still think the members of the GB are sincere believers.

    Remember, they are surrounded by "yes men" so they never hear any negative comments about anything. All they hear is praise and the SHMACK of lips on their hiney. They believe Jehovah is blessing them and directing them when they all come to a "unified" conclusion.

    Could there still be some mental illness or delusion? Yes. But I do not think they are charlatans or big businessmen. Others behind the scene may be.


    You know what they say about opinions..........................

  • Old Goat
    Old Goat

    Dear Cedars:

    Amen, brother. That's exactly right.

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