Another misleading Watchtower quote and lie!!!

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  • sosoconfused

    I think I am more excited by the fact that my wife has just decided to do this on her own.

    She says, "Look at this *expletive*... I decide to look at one magazine after 3 months to see where these *expletives* heads are at and look what I find. What a crock of *expletive*.

    I like it when she cusses LOL

  • cantleave

    WT quote mining? Never!!!!!

  • Jeffro

    So, if I understand this correctly, the Watch Tower Society provides a media release about how good it says it is. Newspaper outlets pick up the piece and print what the Watch Tower Society says about itself. Then the Watch Tower Society quotes the newspaper that quotes the Watch Tower Society. And they're still lying.

    At least The Watchtower didn't quote the lie about not shunning people, even though that would have come from a WTS media release anyway.

  • sosoconfused

    Its more misleading than lying I suppose. However when you are a religious institution based on truth and calling your way of worship the "truth", yet you are purposely trying to mislead others... it is as if you are lying. LOL

  • Terry

    ....Or....the source of information (person providing the information) is simply another ignorant member totally unaware that they are worshiping inside a cult. It takes a number of years to hear all the bad (dark side) news hiding behind that "good news."

  • BU2B

    Marking, and thanks for this. BTW quote mining is a form of lying.

  • flamegrilled


    Do you have a link to the original article, or a scan of the hard copy? It would be truly useful.

    (I had a look on but could not find it.)



  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Marking for future refence too.

  • Jeffro


    Do you have a link to the original article, or a scan of the hard copy? It would be truly useful.

    The link is already in the opening post.

  • steve2

    "Steve2 is a very gifted and loving man, truly one of a kind. He is a credit to his hard-working but now deceased parents. They would be very proud of him".

    I shall quote these lovely words later on another forum and claim I am merely quoting what has been said about me on JW net thereby creating impression those very complimentary words are someone else's.

    Too pathetically simple to be clever, but too shady to be part of an organization that claims to be the sole channel of God's truth on earth.

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