Another misleading Watchtower quote and lie!!!

by sosoconfused 22 Replies latest social current

  • smiddy

    The GB would make excellent spin doctors for politicians


  • nugget

    poor research not shunned - so attending a meeting where no one speaks to you or will associate with you outside the meeting is not being shunned. Has the definition of the word changed since I last used it?

  • Oubliette

    ... but these people are not shunned ...

    Someone didn't do their fact checking!

    It's also telling that the WT re-quotes the newpaper article quoting their own PR statements as if it is is the objective opinion of the journalist! So dishonest and deceptive!

    Great find, sosoconfused. Thanks for sharing, and thank Mrs. SoSo too!

    They did something similar with an Italian newspaper Il Piccolo years ago to "support" their loony interpretation about increasing earthquakes.

    Anyone have that handy?

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