Status Report on NOT Smoking

by MrMoe 20 Replies latest jw friends

  • Celia

    Hang in there Mr.Moe
    it will be worth it.

  • Doc_jedd

    YOU GO MR MOE!!!!!!! Hang in there you can do it!

  • Englishman

    Mr Moe,

    This is classic withdrawal symtoms from carbon monoxide, not niccotine.

    Your blood stream is carrying about 25% more oxygen now that you have stopped inhaling carbon monoxide, so that's why you feel restless.

    Stick with it, all it takes is a little courage.


  • Doc_jedd

    Hmmmmmmmmmm.........I useta pay lots "o" money fer drugs to make me feel like yer feelin now. Jedd

  • seven006

    Moe, hang in there woman, you can do it. I'm proud of you.

    You Know,

    The American cancer society has done a lot better job of giving out information about smoking then boneheads at the Watchtower society ever did. Unfortunately the JW's had to wait for the good old Judge to die because he was one hell of a cigar smoker. It's amazing how brightly the new light shines once one of its dictators die. Even the seventh day Adventist give help for those who want to stop smoking instead of casting people aside and not offering an ounce of real help or trying to understand the addiction. All they do is shove a watchtower in their faces and tell them to pray to their evil toy god for help. The watchtower is just a paper brain written by morons for morons.

    Now, do you want to talk about psychological death brought on by the watchtower Bullshit? How about the mental destruction of innocent children being blamed by the thousands of JW men who get away with messing with their little bodies knowing it will be covered up? Or the psychological damage the teaching of the JW's have given thousand's who believed their bullshit and tehn found the real truth?

    Leave this thread alone or I will go after you like never before. Moe is a great lady, leave her alone. No one needs your childish watchtower jabs. Don't piss me off Robert! This is a warning!


  • butalbee
    Visual side effects
    Sore throat
    Sore gums
    Sore tongue
    Trouble sleeping
    Chest tightness

    Some of these are also symptoms of chronic dubbism.....

    Quiting smoking is a really hard thing to do, and I congrat's you on your strength to stay nicotine free. I wish I were feeling that strong right now.

  • LB

    You are doing great Moe. It sounds like you have a handle on it.

    Now as far as You Know...

    The Watchtower is just plain evil for depriving JW's of the joys of tobacco addiction. LOL / You Know
    Substitute Blood for tobacco and we'll finally agree on something.

    Never Squat With Yer Spurs On

  • Hyghlandyr

    Thumbs up Mr Moe, from a guy who doesnt drink smoke or do drugs.

  • AGuest

    Dearest MrMoe... good for you! And peace to you!

    Sigh! Ah, YK, pity YOU for being the resident 'proof' of my Lord's words that "the things proceeding OUT OF THE MOUTH come OUT OF THE HEART... and THOSE things... defile a man." Things such as... the 'leaven' of the Pharisees... which is hypocrisy. As he said to the Pharisees then, I now say to YOU... let the one WITHOUT SIN... cast the first stone.

    A slave of Christ,


  • VeniceIT

    HEY MOE!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!

    I know you'll make it and be ok, and I'm glad you didn't choose to do this a couple a weeks ago. If you ever need to talk just call me, well not when your in a homicidal mood then just email me K!!!!

    no really I'm serious, we're with you all the way!!


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