How Field Service Destroys the WTS

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  • Pathofthorns

    Probably the thing that got me reading h20 in the beginning was that I realized so-called "apostates" were posting things that were HONEST and TRUE.

    People in the organization cannot be honest publically, just in those private conversations over drinks when we had that "understanding" among ourselves.

    There were many times when I felt that I was surrounded by complete morons, but then I realized most people feel the same, they just are all pretending and are not honest. That the "emperor has no clothes" was so obvious, but why was everyone pretending otherwise?

    Your post was very good. I don't know how you keep coming up with these things, but I hope they make some people think.


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  • joelbear

    One of the best posts you've ever made Meta.


  • DB

    As a slightly different angle on this, I submit that many jws actually would rather go to empty homes than preach to actual people.

    I have noted in several cases that when street work is mentioned, most jws shy away from it. Let's face it, it's easier to go up to a door and ring the bell, and then write down an address, than to actually have to speak to someone.

  • rhett
    After years of this empty practise, A TERRIBLE THING HAPPENS
    IN PRIVATE TO WITNESS KIDS. They say in their minds:

    "My parents are idiots. They are religious fanatics"


    "So, why should I listen to anything they say?"

    Hey, did you know me when I was JW? Sure sounds like it. My parents were always overly paranoid about everything (still are) and I found that out pretty quickly. They would go on about how various things are so horrible and eventually I found out that some of then were actually pretty damn nice! After seeing that I pretty much decided that the only person I would listen to when deciding if I should or should not try is myself.

  • JeffT

    I good personal example from a couple of weeks ago. Two dubs came to my house on a Saturday morning. I would have loved to talk to them, but the wife and I were in the middle of a major project. So they catch me outside, in my ripped jeans with a sack of garbage in my hand and want to talk. I need to get back inside before wife wants to know where I disappeared to. So I brush them off. Knowing the area where I live (very rural) they probably didn't talk to ten people in 3 hours and got the same reaction from all of us. How useless.

  • mustang

    "...they just are all pretending and are not honest."

    You are so right, PoT.

    "Esse quam videri." To be, rather than to seem. This was the motto
    of a school that I attended. I decided that this was profound and meaningful. As my personality surfaced further & further through the JW conditioning, I repeated "Esse quam videri" over and over in my mind.

    Ultimately, the motto won out.


    PS. Good to see you, Worf.

  • new boy
    new boy

    GREAT post.

    The young ones are NOT BUYING THE OLD PROGRAM! Last circuit ass. I was at, last year, only three young kids stood up to get baptized. This was out of 1000 people. Most the kids want to work together, if they HAVE to go door to door because they told me, they don't ring the doorbells! They really don't want to talk to any householders, about their personal reglious beliefs.

  • metatron

    Thanks, Joel

    I hope things in your personal life are working out
    for you.


  • trevor

    Thanks pete2,

    I've been just been busy living and enjoying this wonderful planet....

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