Apostate warnings-WT 15 May, 2002.

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  • LyinEyes

    "a few disgruntled and dissatified.............."
    wow have they checked the "apostate" numbers, who are they trying to fool with saying a few. The numbers are growing of those who see the wt for what it really is, yet they want to minimize that number , as
    a fear tactic. How desperate is that. Why dont they come out and admit
    that people are leaving the borg left and right? Because it would make faithful ones wonder why the numbers are so high, what is it that is so strong it is taking so many away. But the WT says a few,
    maybe that way they can avoid mass hysteria. Another example of a lie, there are a heck of a lot more of these " poisionous roots" than a few. But "legally" that isnt a lie. But to me it shows they are so afraid of losing more, that they would sacrifice the real truth to keep ones in . Deceptive!

  • Cowboy

    I'm the one your mama ...er,uh watchtower...warned you about...

    Nuff Said,

    We ride and never worry about the fall
    I guess that's just the cowboy in us all

  • avengers

    please hand me that whiskey, I have to consult the Spirit

  • joelbear

    loyal to fellow believers

    covering up a matter

    I find these two phrases disturbing.

    I've never felt it necessary or wise to cover up truth.

    I've always thought loyalty to Jehovah God was what was important, not loyalty to fellow believers.



    I am dissass. turned apostate WONDERFUL / WONDERFUL Ineed to know silentlambs (BILL) I am a devout celibate is that what makes me QUEEN of Apostates -- I am not involved with theocratic JW folk sexually speaking and that makes me BAD ASSOCIATION and demonized and apostate and the celebrating holidays and not believing their crap is just secondary !!!!! peace

  • Pathofthorns

    I also find the wording in the above artical disturbing. Increasing numbers of Witnesses have legitimate concerns over many things and the Society refuses to give satisfactory answers to these questions, thereby putting the elders in an impossible situation to answer these questions.

    Instead of facing these questions and concerns square on, the Society seeks to silence these ones, in effect behaving much like Catholic Church in the dark ages.

    The Society likes to confine knowledge of it's actions and those of it's elders to private circles within the organization to control public perception of the organization. It is well aware of its own mistakes and those of it's incompetent elders and they become very upset when publishers call attention to these mistakes.

    It is no secret that many publishers complain about elder hypocrisy, bias and just plain unjust behavior. While the Society realizes there is much truth to these complaints, they realize the runaway threat this "complaining spirit" poses to their continued existance.

    I believe this paragraph is a direct attack on these ones, and those who may bring up matters such as their involvement in the UN, Silentlambs, WT history and false prophecy etc. and is unacceptable and disgusting. If the Society wants to continue to play the role they wish to play, then they need to adequately address these ones and not criticize them for asking the obvious.

    My recent discussions calling for a more objective look at the Society's present policy for dealing with child abuse should not be misunderstood as me somehow finding acceptable the environment they have created that discourages questions and criticism. I don't believe the above artical is targetting those who wish to go to the authorities, but it would target those who raise the issues of Silentlambs and those who do not go to the authorities but wish to accuse members of molestation without a conviction (slander).

    While I believe the unacceptable environment of intolerance that exists within the Organization makes it difficult for those who raise the issues from the Silentlambs group, I don't believe that elders will actively discourage individuals from going to the authorities in matters of abuse from this point on. If the Society becomes aware of this, such elders will undoubtedly face strong censure and be ordered not to prevent publishers from going to the authorities. Any elders not following these guidelines need to be dealt with the harshest of severity.

    In view of the culture existing within JWs, the Society needs to make more clear public statements, such as at DCs and in the WT that individuals are free to go to the authorities. I believe this is quite likely in the near future, if not for any reason other than it is in their best interests to do so. But I do not see them easing up on their intolerance for criticism in general because it is not in their interests to do so.

    I realize my position on these matters appears inconsistent, but hopefully this may clarify some things for some people. My thoughts and feelings on the Society's child abuse policy certainly are not set in stone. I am trying to educate myself on this matter and am approaching it from many sides in the interests of forming reasonable and sensible conclusions.


  • sf

    <---------delivers the biggest wheelbarrel she can find for the writing dept's huge scrotums.

    You've really done It now boys. You got yahoo chatters all in a tizzy now. Come WITNESS for yourselves; that's if you can get someone to push that heavy load.


    If man was supposedly created in gods image, then.....holy krap...we're all doomed.-sKallyWagger

  • sf


    If man was supposedly created in gods image, then.....holy krap...we're all doomed.-sKallyWagger

    “What a blessing such integrity keepers are to the congregation!”(5/15/02 WT magazine, pg. 27)

  • Bang

    Those whose hearts do not find the Spirit hate other people;
    but those who consider all things also consider how they'd feel.

    Those who go about spreading lies also reveal what should have remained confidential, but those who are settled with their spirit (yes is yes and no is no) also consider what harm is done.

    "What great harm is caused by someone who lack's good judgement" WT 15-5-02


  • Sunnygal41

    Dungbeetle wrote: "Here ya go pathofthorns and moxy and whoever else that would rather believe the one-hundred year-plus lyin' sacks of sh** Watchtower ovewr hundreds and hundreds of victims"

    PlmKrzy, it sure sounded that way to me too....



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