Quitting Smoking is No Fun

by MrMoe 28 Replies latest jw friends

  • SYN

    One of my friends quits smoking once a month!

    Seven006: "Have you tried drugs? Shooting up a little heroin might do the trick, it's hard to type when your stoned out of your mind. I don't know how TR does it!"

  • Mindchild

    Hi Moe,

    I'm glad to see you followed through with the promise you made to yourself at the apostofest. You are the kind of person who has a chance of beating the habit because of your determination and you are smart enough to know what smoking does to you.

    You should remember though that part of you will really want to go back to smoking. There are a few mental/emotional rewards to smoking and you need to realize that it is easy to trick yourself into getting into a situation where it is easy to give in. After another day or two, when you have gotten the drugs out of your system, you might want to make a simple list of both the time of day and the circumstances in which you want to smoke again. You might see some interesting patterns develop and you can take steps to avoid these weak moments.

    What is it that smoking did for you? Did it relax you? You seem to have the type of personality that is very active and outgoing and perhaps you have difficulty relaxing. If this is true, you need to find something to substitue satisfying that need. Believe it or not, something as simple as having some really nice fish in an aquarium or say having a dog to pet, might go a long ways to making you relax more. Treat yourself each day to something you normally wouldn't do for yourself. Keep telling your friends about your successes.

    Beware also of the cascade effect. If you do break down and end up smoking one, don't go on to lighting up a whole pack. Just recognize you are making progress and that it isn't always an all or nothing type deal. Just keep on trucking and next time you will find you can go further.

    Kind Regards,


  • MrMoe

    Thanks you guys!

    The funny feeling in my head is getting worse. I cannot wait until this stage is OVER!


  • peaceloveharmony

    moe i'm really proud of you! you can do it :) i've been smoking for 10 years (damn it's a long time!!!!) and i know it's way past time i quit. i think i'm going to go the zyban route (i have no self control :( ) i've already been on the exercise kick for about 9 months and i know once i finally quit i'll throw myself into it even more. i don't wanna gain weight from quitting but i've heard the zyban helps with that too. anyways moe, super proud of ya girl! i've heard the first three days are the worst. :)

    love ya

  • SYN

    MrMoe: That funny feeling in your head is caused by the LSD you took this morning! <DUCKS>

    Seven006: "Have you tried drugs? Shooting up a little heroin might do the trick, it's hard to type when your stoned out of your mind. I don't know how TR does it!"

  • peaceloveharmony

    btw, great ideas here. i might even start using some of them now to help me even cut back. i'm too embarrassed to say how much i smoke a day. i should just make that drs appt for the rx.

    thanks all

  • VioletAnai


    Good luck and buy lots and lots of gum otherwise yer nails are gunna get mighty short!!!!!

  • Beans

    If you are tempted try masturbating as a substitute!


  • Doc_jedd

    AWWWWWWWWWWWW quting smokes is easy !!!
    I`ve done it lots"o" times............never lasted long though!
    Seriously I wish you luck (women are usualy stronger about these kind of things) Jedd

  • ISP

    Hey Mr Moe......you keep it up!


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