Molestation accusation.

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  • TexSham

    15 years is much too long. You owe him no duty. My guess is he is looking for a character witness, and those who have known him the last 15 years must not be any help, since you are the first he called.

    If he is innocent, then the best advice any lay person can have for him is the advice you gave him. Keep his mouth shut. Hire a lawyer.

    puffsrule said:
    "This brings to mind the woman who accused a catholic priest in California last week. The LA Times reported that the priest molested her 32 years ago. The priest catagorically denied everything and said bring on the investigation.

    Now, 1 week later, the reports are coming out that the Times did not do any investigation. They took her word for it; she contacted them."

    Accusations like these could be brought against honorable, more or less powerful, people for political ends. This is an unfortunate thing indeed. Wise people, who find enemies at their door whom they believe to be capable of such deception, might heed the sage advice of Shimmer's husband, extolled in Shimmer's post 162: "He won't let me leave the house if one of our daughter's friends is over. Because he also believes that if you are accused of something like that, regardless of whether you did it or not, your reputation is forever tarnished."

    Nonetheless, I think he is guilty as hell and I wouldn't anser the phone if he called. Sorry.

  • Moxy

    this is a very complex problem, as evidenced by the variation in state laws. im sick of certain ones who give trite answers between cries of 'MY GOD! THE CHILDREN! WONT SOMEONE PLEEEEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!'


  • waiting

    Howdy Dakota,

    What really amazes me is the latest complaint I received from CPS, steming from the same kid. Can you imagine receiving a threatening letter from an over impressed with themselves agency over listening to music? I'm still in a quandry as to whether I should reply or just let it slide, since the monsters are out of my life now.
    I would consult with an attorney. I've never dealt with Child Services, but I wouldn't want anything unaswered in their data base. Cover your bases well.

    What a mess liberalism has made of this country and the world.
    1. Child abuse has been happening since children came into being. Before this generation - nobody really spoke about it. It was covered up, "kept in the family." My parents favorite saying was "whatever happens in these four walls stays in these four walls."

    2. In the late 80's, a woman was finally brought to trial for slamming her 2 yr old stepdaughter on the floor so hard it cracked her skull like she'd fallen 4 stories. Since the death took place in 1955, the judge ruled that she'd have to be tried and sentenced (if found guilty) under the laws concerning child abuse in 1955. She was found guilty of murdering her stepdaughter and was sentenced to five years probation.

    3. At the turn of the century, a small girl was repeatedly beaten, horribly, by her parents. The neighbors would yell over, call the police, etc. Nothing could be done to help girl. Why? There were no laws against beating your children. Nurses/social workers had no authority.

    Marching into court one day where the judge was hearing another case, the social workers brought the bruise-covered girl before him, asking him to declare her an animal. Why? There were laws against animal cruelty even at the turn of the century - but none for children. The judge declared her an animal and (to the best of my memory) she was taken from her parents. I don't know if the parents were ever brought up on charges though.

    4. Early this century, a Kentucky man was outraged at social workers who took his daughter from him - government interference. Quote: "Why, it's gettin' so bad a man can't fuck his own daughter anymore!"

    Gross mistakes are still made......but I think society is trying to find out how to grapple with this monster of a crime against children. At least the system worked for you. I think professionals are trying to find a middle ground, which there is ......somewhere.


  • plmkrzy

    Dakota Red.
    Its a rotten thing to have happened to you because no matter what, innocent or not, your life is forever changed.

    I almost helped hang someone who I believed with my whole hart & soul was guilty and turned out to be innocent and the last person suspected was the guilty one.

    I still carry that with me.

    It's the kind of situation impossible to explain to anyone who hasn't been there first hand.

    Once the ball starts rolling there is no "SORRY" that will compensate if is rolls in the wrong direction.

    Treat people as individuals do not label them otherwise you become the evil you seek to destroy.

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