G Losch: child baptised at 5, reg pioneer since!

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  • Finkelstein

    G. Losch is the same asshole that said pursuing higher education is like playing Russian roulette by placing a gun to your head.

    What a nice guy, like higher education never helped humanity.

    Now he's praising a child for becoming a devoted public sales representative for the Watchtower Corporation.

    I vote Gerrit Losch Asshole of the year for 2015 !

  • brandnew
    Maybe thats why they hide child abusers......they endorse the shit.
  • kairos

    Children enjoy watching TV. This is a mind controlling guilt mechanism for JW children. Devious.

    Just like the Noah cartoon.

  • LisaRose
    But he didn't tell the rest of the story. Baptized by five, then pioneered, disfellowshipped by 16.
  • jwleaks
  • Quarterback

    Wow, I missed that when I was watching the Broadcast. Can you imagine that? She would be invited to go to pioneer school, and give a note to her school teacher while being absent in doing so.

    Kids now a days are sure different. You can encourage them to go out in FS, but, you can't convince them to do house chores, or eat their vegetables,

  • John Aquila
    John Aquila

    5 years old baptized child qualifies to work at the Bethel factory.


  • brandnew
    Im with blondie......how did she read the baptismal questions? Or even study?... This shit is just pissing me more and more off! ! !
  • blondie

    In one congregation I attended there was a black family from Jamaica who had a very precocious son who could memorize big parts of the bible and recite them. They put him in the school at 4 and fortunately he did learn to read quite quickly. They treated him like a trained monkey asking him what his plans were, "to be a circuit overseer" which I doubt he understood what that meant.

    4 in the school

    5 going d2d

    6 baptized

    8 caught smoking weed at school, df'd

    I know of 5 other events very similar....

    I reminds me of jw parents that married their children off very early to "protect" them from fornication only to have that child commit adultery later and be df'd. Being married is no protection against sexual infidelity.

  • WTWizard

    This is comparable to living in a monastery--maybe less stringent, but the rules are there. Try going into a monastery before you reach age 18. You can't even be confirmed into the cat lick church until you are 12. And the mainline cat lick church is significantly less stringent than the jokehovian witlesses.

    What they are being expected to do goes against nature. How does a child understand what "no fornication" means? They might understand when they are 14 or 15, but 5 and 6? At that age, they should be learning and playing, not preaching. And I bet they will be required to waste all school vacations doing the deadest work of them all. Plus the list of things they are not allowed to do--it all goes against nature.

    Yet, they have the nerve to bash Satan for dedicating children. With Satan, you are not expected to go against nature. Rather, you are supposed to learn things--astrology, magic, witchcraft, and so on. There are no strict rules--the jokehovians can accuse Satan of wanting you to smoke all they want. Last I knew, Satan will accept anyone while they are still smoking (if they do), but will offer assistance to anyone wishing to quit the weed. Does joke-hova offer assistance other than threats? Or, what happens when you slip up? Does joke-hova offer real assistance, or just that account in the LIE-ble where Moses drew the water out of the rock and forgot (legitimate forgot) to credit joke-hova? You suffer problems, do you get real help or just another worn-out lecture that comes out of the fictitious account of Job?

    Since they are going so much against valid human nature, why are they allowed to be baptized this young? How young can you be and buy beer or cigarettes? How young can you be and get your drivers license? What is the sex age of consent? (Bear in mind that sex is far less serious than committing to this soul-damnation organization.) When is the last time you saw a 5 year old going into a coin shop alone and buying a silver quarter? If these children can't even buy silver alone at their age, why are they allowed to get baptized into a damnation organization?

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