gravedancer has gots to be a jehovah Witness.

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  • Tallyman

    Grave Dancer has gots to be a jehovah Witness. Yuh-huh.Yuh-huh!

    I've gotten strange vibes from this joker, ever since It appeared here.

    First, the moniker, "gravedancer"-
    what the hell kind of Weirdo hangs around graveyards
    in order to dance on graves?

    The ONLY "grave dancers" I see around, are scads of them pictured here:


    ...and ALL of them are jehovah's Witnesses!

    Grave Dancer expressed a hatred of me to the point It said It
    "wouldn't piss down my throat if I was dying of thirst", to save me.


    You might know and like this Tallyman guy...If he was lying dying
    of thirst in the could not beg me to piss down
    his hairy throat to help his sorry ass out
    The only ones around expressing THAT level of hatred towards moi,
    is/are jehovah Witnesses. I've received Death Threats from them.

    Would you dance on MY grave, gravedancer?

    Now, to do a grave dance, you'd need music.
    Which one of the Kingdom Melodies
    would you have playing when you did your jig on top of MY grave?

    jehovah Witnesses will be singing songs of praise when they celebrate
    the deaths of others, like Christians, who you've expressed an EXTREME
    HATRED for, gravedancer. I'm a Christian, gravedancer.
    How much MORE do you HATE me, now?
    Will THAT put a sparkle in your step as you dance on my grave?


    The more people are misled by their own fantasies
    the more graves there are to dance on...

    And here, gravedancer shows how much It HATES crosses:



    Why, the ONLY ones who I know who HATE crosses that much, that
    they'd like to step on them, do a little STOMP on them,
    and crush them to pieces, are the jehovah Witnesses.

    jehovah Witnesses like to smash crosses, burn crosses, topple crosses...
    again, just look at the link above to see how MUCH HATE
    jehovah's Witnesses have for the Cross.

    K'mon gravedancer,
    you little Khickenshit Kult Koward with the Locked emailbox,
    hiding behind a anonymous ID... admit it, you're a jehovah Witness.

    And Watchtower pictures of god represented by a Giant Hand coming down
    from the sky to kill worldlings and infidels and Christians and anyone
    who belongs to ANY Religion... why I just put up a post earlier today
    representing that Watchtower Giant Hand:


    And THAT's the same image you use, you little gravedancing jW you!


    Yeah, "Liberate Your Mind"...
    and turn it over to the Watchtower Kult Leaders for "safekeeping"... haaaaa!

    It!, gravedancer, are you EVER 'blowing your cover', here.

    And another capper: "Fuck Religion!"

    Yeah, we've known about the looong HATRED of any RELIGION by jehovah Witnesses.
    You could say, that the Watchtower is about the MOST religiously INTOLERANT
    organization on the face of the Earth, bar none.

    The jehovah Witnesses want the Watchtowergod to WIPE AWAY ALL Religion.

    And how many times, gravedancer, have you posted here that Religionists
    are "Mentally Ill"? ...that Christians are "mentally diseased"?

    Same MO the Watchtower has long used, to cast all earthlings who believe
    in any G/god/desses OTHER THAN their "jehovah-Of-The-Watchtower"
    as "Mentally Diseased" and only "Vessels Fit for Destruction".

    And you, gravedancer, are parroting their words, here-
    the words, the teachings of The Kult.

    Yeah, gravedancer, you're a jehovah Witness alritey!

    A Weirdo Sack o' Kult Krap showing the SAME INTOLERANCE!...
    or by some chance It (gravedancer) is NOT a kovert kultist here-
    It shows the SAME INTOLERANCE as do the jehovahs.

    So to sum up:

    (1)grave dancers celebrating death = gravedancer + jWs
    (2)HATES crosses = gravedancer + jWs
    (3)HATES people of all faiths = gravedancer + jWs
    (4)Sky Daddy Hand Smashes HATED people = gravedancer + jWs
    (5)Labels people of faith as 'Mentally-Diseased' = gravedancer + jWs
    (6)etc., etc.

    LOve, Tallyman
    p.s. "gravedancer", I'm a gonna have to change yer nick to

  • plmkrzy

    How lovely

    No matter how thin you slice it there are always two sides
  • Tallyman

    Plum Krazy:

    How lovely


    RecKon Sluggo will go for it?

    LOvely, Tallyman

  • plmkrzy

    Well Gewizzz Tally I missed out on all the pissing, or Non-pissing event's. Just thought I'd stop in and say hello but it seems like this may not be a good time so...I'll come back later.[8>]


    No matter how thin you slice it there are always two sides
  • Amazing

    I know Gravedancer personally. We talk on the phone and have had luch together. Gravedancer is a good person, and helps SilentLambs. Gravedancer is not a JW. -

  • rhett

    Oh my god, are you that big of a loser that you have to spend so much time presenting evidence of something that couldn't matter less? Get a friggin life...........
    Actually, come to think about, using your reasoning it would be quite easy to say that I'm a JW too.

  • gravedancer

    Tally...thanks for posting that.

    It was screamingly funny. I almost forgot some of those old posts. I need to post some new ones.

    To set the facts straight: I am an atheist and I hate all religion, including JW's (not just those with crosses).

  • dungbeetle

    Gravedancer, I'm pissed at you.

  • FreePeace

    Gravedancer, I'm NOT pissed at you. I like you. You're a smart person if you hate all religion and found this post screamingly funny.

    "The World is my country, and to do good, my religion." --Thomas Paine
    Who Am I? -How to Reinvent Yourself After Leaving the WTS

  • gravedancer


    Would it make you feel better if I DID piss down your throat? Would you like me then?

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