Daughter Going to College this Fall

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  • JuliG

    TR congratulationson raising a daughter who is beautiful inside and out. I can't imagine the academic load she carried to attain those two degrees at the same time. And to be model-pretty too....she has a lot to look forward to.

    This is my first time posting on this board. I used to post on your board, Helen's occasionally, and at the old H2O. My son was stationed in Spokane in the AF, and just recently moved back out there and is also attending Spokane Community College. Predictions of his earning his degree any time soon are about as reliable as the WT's Armageddon record, but heck, we won't give up hope - especially since its on his dime! He loves it out there and doesn't seem to miss Central PA at all. OK, maybe my cooking ;).

    I've been reading here for quite a while, but just had to register to wish your daughter the best and say "Hi"!

  • saltiest

    No wonder you're a proud dad...she is very beautiful, and Gonzaga is a great place for an education. It's amazing to think my little girl will be heading off to college 18 years.



  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Wow, 18 years old, an AA degree and an offer of full scholarships from 3 institution - that speaks volumes for the parents... congratulations, well deserved I'm sure.

  • Yadira Angelini
    Yadira Angelini

    Well done, TR! congratulations, I saw the picture, she is gorgeous.

    Good fortune!


  • TR

    Hey all,

    I read every post and appreciate the positive comments.

    Actually, my daughter is a lot more open-minded than her dad. LOL! She's got a good head on her shoulders. She hasn't let boys get in her way. She's hasn't dated yet. Thinks boys are to damn immature, so she'll wait until she meets someone who has half a brain.(her words)

    JT, you ARE my man!LOL! I'd love to meet someday. Let me know if you ever head out west.




  • TR
  • Monica

    WOW!!! IMPRESSIVE! Congrats to your daughter, AND "bravo" to you and your wife!!!

  • patio34

    Great news, TR! It's sooo rewarding when things turn out well! I saw the picture of her and she's very beautiful.

  • mrs rocky2
    mrs rocky2

    Kudos to your daughter and you! That high school/community college program is absolutely the best. My youngest is doing the same as your daughter. She will have her high school diploma the first week of June and her AA the second week, turning 18 in between. She's headed to a four year college as well, but won't have to do the whole four years, also has been offered some good scholarships. And she hasn't been ruined by the older 'worldly' kids, or the philosophies of men...very open minded kid.

    Go Zags! (great school, make sure you look into their "Foley Library!"

  • TR

    Hey rocky,

    Our daughters sound like clones! Angie's b day is May 18th. Good for you and your daughter also!



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