Daughter Going to College this Fall

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  • LDH

    LOL Spender, bite it.

    JT was being facetious.
    * http://www.dictionary.com/search?q=facetious


  • Imbue

    Congratulation TR you should be proud of her accomplishments!

    JT is being facetious! He doesn't believe all that JW propaganda. He was affected by it the same as all of us here. I see you are still in the anger stage and I wish you well. It does help to write about it so, why don’t you write your story and post it for us. I love the stories. Amazing had me hooked like everybody else.

    (edited for forgetting my manners and not congradulating TR first)

    Crazy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

  • crownboy

    Congrats TR, your daughter is obviously a very smart kid to be graduating not only from high school, but also from CC before 18. Man, if I were that lucky, I'd be heading for law school by 20!

    Gonzaga, eh? They had a good run going there as a Cinderella team in the NCAA's for the past couple of years, and of course their only other claim to fame is that arguably the greatest point guard of all time (John Stockton) once went there. Oh yeah, their academic program isn't too bad either.

    I'm just extremely thankful that my JW family is liberal enough to be allowing me to go to college right now. Actually, it's never really been a problem in my family. Unless your daughter is going to a conservative Christain college, there's a good chance she'll get a little more liberal during her college years, so don't go too hard on her . Good luck to your daughter (not a bad looking girl at all )


    Go therefore and baptize the people in the name of the father and of the son... what the hell, we just need to bring up the yearbook numbers!

  • spender

    whoops ;) my apologies...i'm new here and i couldn't really tell whether he was serious or not. I'm not angry, but you could imagine how many times i've heard in real life the exact same things he was talking about :P

  • AlanF

    Kudos to your daughter, TR! You've got every right to be proud!

    Spender, you'll get to know who's who after awhile. JT has a wry sense of humor. I'm happy that you're in college, since it's a life-expanding experience for anyone who's of the personality to go through the work. I started at age 27 and it was the best thing I ever did for my mental health.


  • LDH


    We know. How do you think he was able to recite it almost wprd for word?



  • spender

    college i think is very important, because if I weren't here, I don't think I'd be mature enough (or be able to handle) living on my own...this is a nice stepping stone to get to that point..and learn some important things along the way. That's my take on it.

  • MrMoe

    Congrats! Your daughter would make any parent proud!


  • JT


    ck your email

    just messing with my man TR

  • TheStar

    You have a beautiful and intelligent daughter TR, congratulations to both of you. It's so nice to hear of good things happening in someone's life.

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