Candace Conti v Watchtower Society | June 3, 2013 | Respondent's Brief - prepared by Rick Simons | A136641

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    Paralipomenon - "Makes you wonder, if they had to give up control of the congregation records, or give up legal distinction, which would they choose?"

    Similar line of questioning:

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    Wow. Rick Simon's response - absolutely brilliant . I've read up through pg. 41 and here are some points I noticed -

    " The spirit of the world has sensitized people regarding their ' legal ' rights. " Thank god for the spirit of the world.

    " It directs elders to be careful about putting things in writing and NOT to make staements to secular authorities without first consulting the Legal Department. "

    " UNAUTHORIZED disclosure of confidential information can result in costly lawsuits ". Unauthorized by WHO ? GB and WT leaders - that's who.

    " In some cases where the authorities are involved, certain complications could lead to a fine or imprisonment . " Really ? You think ? That's where the GB & WT leaders NEED to be - in prison for the criminal coverups of child abse they've maintained all these years !

    " Defendants CLEARLY took charge of Kendrick when THEY determined where and with WHOM he was to perform field service. "

    WT Society and local elders had so much reprehensibility in this case it's an enormous amount of oversight and criminal negligence. They need to be locked up with the key thrown away so future children are protected. My 2 cents

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    WT Free- Thanks.

    Other very pertinent points on pg. 53 - " The law does not permit anyone to become " a law unto himself " by designating otherwise proscribed conduct as a religious belief. "

    Also, " There is no religious doctrine aspect to the issue of child molestation. " On both of those points. Totally agree

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    After Rick Simons wins this for Candace, the WT will be looking to retain him.


  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Good on Candace for going through with this. I know a brother who pedo'd 9 kids, and although he went to jail and was dfd, no one thought to blame the WT for allowing such a situation to develop. Oh, and two of his sons pedo'd kids and went to prison too. WT never held accountable.

  • cofty

    I just finished reading it. I would not like to be in the Watchtower's shoes, Simmons has done an outstanding job.

    This really stood out to me on page 48 where the Watchtower tried to put the blame on Candace's parents ...

    Defendants claim that plaintiffs’ parents owed plaintiff a legal duty

    to protect her from Kendrick’s abuse. (WNY AOB 40; NFC AOB 51.)

    They point out that the parents had received Awake! and Watchtower

    articles on child abuse which informed them of steps they could have taken

    to protect plaintiff from child abusers. (WNY AOB 40; NFC AOB 51.)

    So when JWs think the Watchtower are lovingly providing information about how parents can protect their children from abuse what they are actually doing is trying to cover their own legal liability.

    Also this from page 69...

    Rule 8.204(a)(1)(2)(C) of the California Rules of Court requires an

    appellant’s opening brief to provide a summary of the significant facts

    limited to matters in the record. The opening briefs of both Watchtower and

    the Congregation violate this rule. Each omits critical facts, including the

    fact that the elders assigned Jonathan Kendrick and Candace Conti together in field service.

    Lying, cheating bastards.

  • ABibleStudent

    It appears that Rick Simons included almost every angle in the initial trial such as quoting WTBTS propaganda as well as testimony from a psychologist about child abuse. His respondent's brief also seems very thorough. I feel that 2013-2014 might be very illuminating for JWs in the USA.

    I wonder what would the WTBTS do if a cult-exit councilor testified in future court cases to help juries understand the cult-speak of the WTBTS's propaganda as well as the power of BITE control techniques to unduly influence victims and parents of victims to not report child abuse/molestation to local law enforcement?

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,



    I sent a letter to the Editor of a local newspaper that is very popular in my area. I included the link to JWleaks.

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    Data Dog, Way to go! Can I have a copy of your letter?

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