Candace Conti v Watchtower Society | June 3, 2013 | Respondent's Brief - prepared by Rick Simons | A136641

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  • sd-7
    It is telling that the WTBTS leaders insists on institutional unity among its R&F members, but they cannot achieve it amongst themselves and the most important departments which are supposedly under their direct control right there in Brooklyn!

    Well, I would say that they simply don't need to achieve institutional unity. Most JWs will never even know this trial or any of the others ever even occurred. If they hear of it, they'll assume it's just apostates 'framing trouble by decree'. Thus, Legal can do whatever they want, up to and including lying in court. If anyone finds out, they can always arrange a judicial committee where a janitor, a clerk, and a pool cleaner will decide your eternal fate. Who'd have thought that, huh? [Sarcasm] From the meekest of men, Jehovah's justice is administered.


  • Vidiot

    I've said this before but I think it bears repeating:

    As general public awareness about the insititutionalized sexual victimization of young people increases, the justice system will feel more and more pressured to "make an example" of an insititution that has fostered egregious offenses.

    The WTS - as an institution - has no "friends in high places" to protect them, they're small but still in the public eye enough to make an impact, and the best - or worst - part is, they are genuinely responsible for countless egregious offenses, with strong evidence to support it.

    They are the perfect candidate for the justice system to "make an example".

  • sd-7

    Ironic. For some reason, JWs think their own wrong behavior will go unnoticed while every other religion is destroyed by the governments? Well, they may be in for a rude awakening, eh?


  • hamsterbait

    I particularly loathe ths revealing whine:

    Their constitutional "right to free exercise of religion" will be under threat if "a duty to protect children is imposed."

    Why would it need to be imposed - shouldnt they do that already?

    What about murderers? (MInd you remember the infamous "Murder Lettter" : they knew a killer was at the Kingdumb hell yet they said not to report him to the authorities. But to form a JC because he had been seen smoking)

    Then they have the GALL to find fault with the jury because it unanimously found that Candace had indeed been the victim of abuse and inappropriate actions because:

    "Only the plaintiff testified that Kendrick acted inappropriately - no one else heard or knew of it"

    try another crime:

    "Only the dead body showed the killer acted inappropriately - no one else heard or knew of it"

    Obey the eight ignorant swine at Crooklyn and be blessed.


  • Tater-T

    great stuff on here, saw this meme, thought about this thread.. I hope you are right vidiot


    You reap what you sow. I feel sorry for the rank and file ( an insulting term by the way ). Their world will be shattered if the WTBTS goes down for it's crimes. Still, I hope it does.

    I used to think, " Who am I to destroy the beliefs of someone else? Just let them be.." The reality is that community responsibility exists. The WTBTS do not understand this concept, it is costing them. More importantly it is costing children their childhood.

    I think a copy of this latest brief will find it's way onto the Elder's desk.......

  • Auntfancy

    A lot of very interesting points have been brought out. I really hope she wins this appeal and I agree with sosoconfused that I would love to see them reinstate the original monitary award. It makes me sick what they have allow when it comes to children in this organization. Someone said they should be put in jail for this and I agree. They are getting off too easily if they do not get prision time for allowing a known pervert to take a child out of the KH. There were Catholic priests that were sent to jail for their actions it is time the men who are in positions that allow this to happen should be held accountable. Another thing that really bothers me is the fact that the national news is not reporting this. I know the majority of JW's will not pay attention but you just never know what will make someone open their eyes.

  • Paralipomenon

    Ah, the Watchtower legalism bites them in the ass.

    They claimed clergy confessional rights, but violated the confidentiality by disclosing the confessional to the Legal and Service departments of the Watchtower, a seperate corporation. They then told other local elders that were not part of the "confession" and when Kendrick moved, they shared the "confession" with the new congregation.

    The Watchtower wants all these layers for protection, but to remain intimately involved in the day to day workings. Based on the outcome of this appeal, they might no longer get their cake and eat it too!

    Makes you wonder, if they had to give up control of the congregation records, or give up legal distinction, which would they choose?

  • hamsterbait

    DATA - You are soo right "community responsibility exists"

    The Witchtower says the same - except they have revised it to mean the Jehoobie will kill all the children and parents who have rejected the litterature at some time.


  • Vidiot
    hamsterbait - "I particularly loathe this revealing whine: their 'constitutional right to free exercise of religion' will be under threat if 'a duty to protect children is imposed'."

    There's a WTF moment if I ever read one; can you imagine a jury's reaction if they'd tried saying that on the stand?

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