Can U Answer a Really Hard ? from any JW?

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  • rhett
    "Well, if Jesus DIDN'T come to Earth in 1914, how do you explain how the perception of the state of the world since has shown us to be in the 'end times'"

    Tell them their crazy and you most people don't see 1914 as a big turning point in human history.

    "If this isn't the end times, how do you explain the preaching work of JWs going on 'throughout all the inhabited Earth', as it was predicted it would be..."

    The manipulation of cult leaders. When you get down to it, most people don't know who the JW's are and even if they do they generally think they're nut jobs. I really don't remember anything in the bible saying anything about that.

    "If we aren't the true religion, how do you explain the GB being inspired by god?"

    They're not. If they're so inspired by god then how are they wrong so often? Yeah yeah yeah, I know you can say that they just get a better understanding of something but if they're so inspired then how can they do a complete 180 on something that is as important as life and death?
    Remember folks, when you're dealing with a JW, you just have to point out the crazy actions and reasoning they have. They're the ones in a cult. You're the one living a normal life. Don't forget that you don't have to go along with any of their preconceptions because they're the crazy ones.

  • hillary_step


    #1 - Man is driven by a basic self-destructive tribal insecurity.

    #2 - The planet will save itself - man may be the casualty of this process.


  • Kismet

    If there isn't a Creator, how exactly did all this happen? Our human body, the universe(s), the brain, the eye, our ability to reason?

    Toughest question IMO

  • Hyghlandyr

    Mindchild I have to agree with Xander, I cant think thus far of any questions that Jehovahs Witnesses have posed to me that I cannot answer. Usually the questions they throw at us are designed to throw us off guard. The problem is, that those questions worked when we were ignorant, questions about paganism in so called false christianity, or the claimed lack of morals in the world, or the hazards that befall those who leave the so called truth.

    Now however we are armed with facts. We know that they have as much doctrine of pre-christian origin as the other churches. We know that many atheists and others are exhibiting far more qualities of what they call morals than they and other christians are. We know that those who leave consciously, with knowledge, do not go get involved in hazzards, like prostitution, drugs, crime, violence and so forth.

    These are things that would have worked in the past and simply do not anymore, because we know the facts.

    Most of my contact with Jehovahs Witnesses is in the chat rooms. There are several types that come in. The Elíte, who put us, and even other witnesses on ignore immediately. The relaxed, they think others besides JWs are going to be saved. The Defenders, who know they have it right. These are the ones that usually hurl the questions at us. There are of course other groups...but you get the idea.

    Now of the Defenders, they are simply too predictable. Usually the main question asked is "Then why are you here" as if they have not read warnings about chat rooms from the KM and Watchtower and think only JWs would be in a chat room. I respond simply, because JW broads are hotties, and it follows that ex JW broads are hotties. And since both JW broads and ex JW broads come into this room, I come into this room.

    If they ask anything about 1914, or the bible, I simply say, oh well who cares what it says, since it was after all forged by vile men of the most criminal sort...

    I could go on and on, and was about to but I will stop there. Point is, they are Adamites (descendants of Adam). One of the Young Races of men, and I view them as such. I accept their, and other christians personal claims that they are sinners, imperfect. I am perfect, and have never sinned, being a Milesian. So as I said in another post, pat them on the head, and chuckle at their adamic antics.

    Not to say I am not keenly interested in a tough question, if one can be proposed which would stump me in any fashion, that once I have answered would not leave it clear in the minds of all present that I was the superior and they the inferior, I am most certainly interested, I need a challenge. But honestly I dont think it can come from most of the sludge monkeys that reside on this planet... certainly not from an adamite.

  • dungbeetle

    Simply put, the good old days were not the good old days. The only places in the world where there is a poor quality of life is where there is war. But that used to be the case here in the US(revolutionary and civil war); and in more recently in Europe. The sad fact is (to the JW) we haven't had a world war in over 60 years. Dang those pesky worldly humans---

    Once upon a time the human race was young, younger than the animals and even friggin' fish and trees. But we ARE growing up. The world IS becoming a better place.

    My best example is the World Trade Center disaster. Just a few maniacs wreaked a lot of havoc, and quite a few people died: but look at the fallout. So many volunteers (not JW)they had to be turned away. So many trying to donate blood (not JW)they had to be turned away. So much equipment donated (not JW)some had to be turned away. So much money donated (not JW)it will be hard to spend it all. So much love (not JW) it will never be forgotten.

    And in general, never have so many volunteered their efforts all over the world to save animals, plants, people, places, and cultures. 6 million JW's are a teeny tiny grain of sand in this volunteer world.

    It takes a true-blue cult member to turn a blind eye toward all the good in the world. Yes, lots of people are still suffering--in those few places where there is still religious intolerance just like what they JW's practice.


    Oh, to respond to the thoughts:

    There is evil because the human race was once younger than it is today. We are doing just fine thank you--slowly but surely.

    WE--and the children--are going to prevent self destruction. And I believe that when humans finally decide to get together; then-and only then-will we have God's Kingdom. That will BE God's Kingdom.

    UADNA-US (Unseen Apostate Directorate of North America-United States)

  • Farkel


    : Thus, I wanted to ask you a question about the very toughest question you have ever been asked by a JW (relative to the topic of the dubs believing they are correct in their worldview).

    : For example here are two questions that were asked of me once, could you answer these questions comprehensively?

    : 1. If you don’t believe in Satan and his demons, why is there so much bloodshed, pain and misery in the world today in spite of the attempts of men to stop it from happening?

    Because people are jerks. It doesn't take no Satan, either. Some people are just jerks. Look at Lions. Lions mess up all kinds of other animals and then they eat them. Lions are jerks. Does it then surprise people that humans are also jerks? Well, humans ARE jerks. The only difference between humans and Lions is that Lions don't sell Watchtower magazines.

    : 2. If you don’t believe that God will destroy the wicked at Armageddon what is going to save the world from destroying itself?

    People who care about each other.

    : Do you have any you lost sleep over?

    I need my sleep!

    And that's that about that.


  • Pathofthorns

    These questions do come up and they genuinely would like to know an answer to them. Unfortunately, they do not really want real answers to these questions because the real answers are uncomfortable for them. Compared to the make-believe answers from the Society, the real answers are not as appealing.

    By giving them your answer to these questions you underscore the hopelessness of the world outside the WT in their minds, and send them running back to Mother. Generally speaking, whatever answer you give will fall on deaf ears.

    I would choose to come back to these questions at a later date. There is a general order to helping these people and it starts with them seeing the WT does not measure up to the bible or logic and reason. Moving to the bigger issues when they have not been convinced of the minor issue (the WT is false) will only end in frustration.


  • LittleToe

    One of the hardest issues, IMHO, is getting past the buzzwords and preconceptions.

    For example:
    I attend church.
    My wife asks me how I can go to a church that teaches x, y, z.
    I answer that the religion is irrelevant, but rather I have a personal relationship with God.
    She comes back with, well why didn't you stay a JW then?
    I answer, because they state they have all the answers and insist that you believe them - the church knows it doesn't have all the answers, and accepts that you can believe pretty much what you want.

    I think the whole concept was lost on her.
    When you are dealing with things at the concept level, with someone who has been psychologically lobotomised, you have a difficult job on your hands.

  • rhett

    As far as giving the JW's an answer that will send them running back to the kingdumb hall I say go for it. All I know is I'm considered very evil by JW's. I could try to change that by showing how kind and loving I am but the truth of the matter is I don't really care what they think of me because it just doesn't matter. It just comes down to my enjoyment; which way they could beheave would be more fun for me? Have them think I'm evil and just be uncomfortable around me or have them think I'm evil and be so frightened they go running away? I'm going to chose the latter of the two. Also, by doing that, I show people who never got involved with the JW's how crazy they are.
    Hey, if I can stop a few people from ever getting involved with the JW's and have a good laugh while I'm at it, I'm going to do it!!!

  • QCA1

    Hello Mindchild

    My answer to those questions would be that Man is responsible for his actions and i don't belive in Satan never have,and the only ones who will save the earth are we who live on it the responsiblity is ours and ours alone we just have to change our way of thinking.


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