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  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Tony Stark,

    "I still go to meetings so that i am reinstated and can feel normal again, but my beliefs are different now as i've done a lot of research."

    I suggest that you don't go back just for the loneliness especially if your beliefs have changed. You'll be living a double life and the friends you make there will not be sincere.

    You're young and you have the social skills to make real friends outside of that pathetic religion.

  • whathehadas

    Hey Tony, welcome to the forum.

    I don't know why you are still going to Hall after you've learned the Real truth? Especially now that you're d'fed, there's no point in trying to front for a extended period of time to get the "friends" back. It's better to cut the ties now and live a honest life. It's your decision though.

  • TheListener
    Welcome to the forum Tony. I'm glad you have had a chance to do research and make your mind up for yourself. I have known others who did what it took to get reinstated before doing the fade away. It's probably not too easy but you know that by now. Just keep moving forward. I hope you meet some on here from your area. Maybe you can plan a exjw meetup.
  • ToesUp

    "And some of us, like myself, remain "in the fold" as silently active dissidents who are striving under the current circumstances in our local congregations to increase a more abundant spirit of love, compassion, and mercy -- and truth."

    Unfortunately, our family has not met any of these silent active dissidents. The lack of love, compassion and mercy is something we have not experienced. I guess our area was skipped over. This goes further than just the GB, it is the CO's, pioneers, publishers and Elders who lack these qualities as well.

    I could NEVER shun my children or a close friend. DF'ing is not done with a spirit of love, compassion and mercy. It is cruel and it hurts.

  • CloseTheDoor
    Tony, welcome!
  • C Lynne
    C Lynne
    Hi there, I am new as well. Glad to be here and meet new people who have gone through similar things.
  • cofty
    Hi Tony Stark - Wlecome
  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite


    You wrote that you want to get reinstated in order to feel "normal" again, I assume that means you want to regain your "friends" and family. Then what's the plan? Do you want to become an MS and marry a pioneer? Do you plan to fade?

  • Heaven

    Welcome Tony Stark and C Lynne.

  • stuckinarut2

    Welcome mate!

    You have taken the first few steps on the path to your new life! Be proud of the fact that you are being honest and sincere with yourself.

    Just dont fall into the trap of being drawn back to the org out of Fear, or Guilt, or loneliness. Recognise that any temporary 'support' you get from those in the cong is conditional, and full catches.

    Be strong, and enjoy the freedom that REAL KNOWLEDGE offers.

    Love and support from us!

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