what does grace mean to JHW?

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  • evangelist

    I would like to know what the grace of God mean to JHW, and why they try to work for something that is a gift and is free from God?
    maybe some one can help with this information.

  • flower

    it didnt mean anything to me when i was a jw. never even really heard the term except by so called wordly people.

  • plmkrzy

    I've never been a JHW don't even know what that is but welcome aboard newbie.

    When I was a witness i never heard the expression that I can remember.
    Not from lifers anyway.

    No matter how thin you slice it there are always two sides
  • ChiChiMama

    The word grace is not important to JWs.
    That word is not taught to JWs the way it is in other churches.

    Grace to a JW is a womans name.


  • DazedAndConfused

    It is true that JW's do not use the phrase "the Grace of God" but I think the JW equivelant would be "God's Loving Kindness". Remember we are speaking about an organism that uses "code words".

  • Justin

    I don't think there is a formal JW doctrine of grace. Certainly the JWs would be accused of "works-righeousness" by the heirs of the Reformation. The Greek word "charis," usually translated "grace" in English Bibles, is translated as "undeserved kindness" in the NWT. (I don't think Luther would be unhappy with that!) But with regard to the apostle Paul's discussions of justification (or being "declared righteous" - NWT), it is claimed that this specifically refers to the 144,000 with the heavenly hope. They have righteousness imputed to them to enable them to run for the prize of the heavenly calling, and technically this is a 'justification by faith' because they have done nothing to earn it, but they are expected to perform plenty of good works thereafter.

    The "other sheep," with the earthly hope (the majority), may currently be justified as "friends of God" similar to Abraham, but their actual justification will be a gradual restoration to human perfection during the Millennium (and they will be declared righteous after passing the final test at the Millennium's end), all the while having obeyed whatever God's law will be during that time.

    Justification on any plane is ultimately due to the ransom sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and in that sense there is a belief in the grace of God. If confronted with the Reformation doctrine of salavation by grace alone through faith, JWs will instinctively turn to James' statement that "faith without works is dead." If this is understood to mean that true faith is proven by works, then it is a true evangelical statement. Unfortunately, there are too many who think they are "working their way through Armageddon." There has always been the tendency in this religion to avoid cheapening grace, and to emphasize works.

    Certainly, there is no belief in eternal security, or "once saved, always saved." No one believes that they have been predestinated to salvation (predestination being that of a class rather than individuals), or that God has put them in a position where they cannot possibly be lost. Nor is there a sacramental grace such as in pre-Reformation traditions.

    I hope this answers your question.


  • AlanF

    It's the land from which Elvis came.


  • jst2laws


    Simple answer to your question, Nothing. As Justin explained the word "grace" is replace in their translation and their minds as "undeserved kindness". Yet they do not understand this term either. By implications in the Wt lit they feel undeserved kindness is also something they must earn to deserve it.

    The whole concept of grace or salvation by faith, while mentioned in the literature, is foreign to JW's.


  • Billygoat

    To me there is a huge difference between "grace" and "undeserved kindness".

    Grace = forgiveness given with love and inner joy and an anxiousness to help a person heal.

    Undeserved kindness = forgiving someone because you're obligated to - no emotion, except maybe a bitterness for HAVING to do it.

  • Bang


    Grace is grace.

    Effortless beauty and charm in the Way love proceeds.
    We all see things we consider to be graceful - so it is with God.

    And faith without works is an identifiable thing about the faith. Living faith has works which we can see, an obvious sign.


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