Should US/UK hit Iraq???

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  • 144thousand_and_one

    One thing is certain, Sharon learned a lot from Hitler, and now is working hard to emulate him in every detail. Sharon is a war criminal who should be tried in the Hague. I'm disgusted that part of my tax dollars are going to pay for weapons used by Sharon's forces in committing atrocities. Isreal is going to find itself isolated in the civilized world if it doesn't learn the lessons of history.

  • ozziepost

    Going a bit off-topic, but in the newsclips shown in Oz, Blair always comes across as someone who has learned a script i.e. insincere. He always gives the impression of playing to the cameras. OK I know pollies usually do, but he does seem theatrical. His current trip to support old George W could be seen as putting him in a 'lapdog' position.


    "If our hopes for peace are placed in the hands of imperfect people, they are bound to evaporate."

    - Ron Hutchcraft Surviving the Storms of Stress

  • LB

    Iraq will be hit. Perhaps not yet, but they will be hit. It was a mistake to attack Iraq a dozen years ago and not finish the job. I'm sure the US will find terrorist hiding or training there and that will be all we need to jump right in.

    After all all those explosives have expiration dates on them.

    So do humans

    Never Squat With Yer Spurs On

  • DakotaRed

    This whole Israel vs Palestine thing is getting quite boring and monotonous, to me. Same with Iraq. Before I condone an attack on Iraq, I would like to see more evidence that Saddam is even behind any of it.

    Yes, I think going after terrorists is alright, but why stop with Al Qeada? Why not include the IRA, KKK, and other White Supremacists? We all know their histories.

    Since Israel and Palestine have been mentioned, I believe there is ample land in the Middle East for both to have their own country. How much desert can another country horde? As for Jerusalem, make it an independent city, belonging to neither and policed by the UN. If either side attacks any one else there, annhilate them!

    It is well past time for both sides to end this mindless game of tit for tat going on there. Both should be able to live in peace and not fear the other.

    If God's Spirit is filling a Kingdom Hall, how is it that Satan can manuever the ones within that Kingdom Hall at the same time?

  • Waygooder64

    Make the whole place into a parking lot....

  • Grunt

    Unless they can do real weapons inspections, I don't see that we have a choice. If Saddam had been able to put nuclear tips on those inaccurate missiles he was firing all over the place trying to do some damage to Israel; I think he would have been happy to risk toasting the Palestinians to kill the Jews. He didn't mind dropping the scuds all over the place. Saddam didn't mind killing his own son in law after promising his daughter he wouldn't either. A nuclear cloud over Paris, London or Miami would be a view he'd love and a deed that would make him a hero of godlike proportions to the Arabs of the world. Never doubt the depth of their hate. If you do then think back to them dancing in the streets when the civilians of the twin towers were fried, or the women in the shopping centers blown apart. Islam reminds me of the Witnesses only bloody. They are the only ones who deserve the earth. They would like to have all of our stuff after we are dead. Same attitude. Saddam cannot be allowed to pose a threat to the world if it can be avoided. There are threats we cannot suppress, he is one we can and should.
    As for the Jews, they are reacting to the hate I believe. The Brits (Balfour?) were trying to help a dispossessed and persecuted people after the ovens and pogroms of Europe find a land to flee to that could be their own. The U.S. felt the same. They were the little guys all the other Arab nations were going to drive into the sea only they couldn't. The Jews are reasonable, the Arabs aren't. As for the hate the Arabs feel for westerners I think the demonstrations around the Arab world speak for themselves. If not then check out the latest polls, full of hate and believing enormous lies. No Moslems were involved in the twin towers, it was the Jews. Lies like these and the feeling of superiority instilled by their religion breed an attitude. Like the terrorists who almost got into a fight just trying to park before ever getting on the planes (and hacking up stewardesses to get the pilots to open the door so they could kill more civilians) these people are so full of arrogance, envy and hate that they can barely breathe. Short of good education and large investments of cash by the oil rich hypocrites who send the bomb money, pay the widows and nothing more, I see little hope for the area. They use their poor and ignorant as human bombs. Osama didn't ride into a tower, Arafat is still on his cell phone begging for the people he hates to help him again. No. I am glad the U.S. is working on a missile shield just in case one of the beloved of Allah or another of their ilk does manage to fire off a few. I am afraid the days of loose borders and easy trust have been destroyed by these lunatics. I think if they do manage to get a real bomb in and do real damage they will start a conflagration that might just ignite some of the oil they sit on. I hope not. The recent statements in regards to using nukes have been a real concern as I think they were made in reaction to a real perceived threat.

  • expatbrit
    Make the whole place into a parking lot....

    Bloody good idea! Given the cost of parking these days, those Iraqi peasants will be taking trips to Disney in two shakes of a mullah's foreskin.


  • gravedancer

    The USA should build a wall around the middle east and let them all kill each other.

  • Pork Chop
    Pork Chop

    Yeah, they need to take Sadam out. Regardless of what they say in public, most of the Arab world will be cheering in private.

    It won't be that difficult. A simple decapitation strike should do most of the dirty work. Most Iraqis will be glad to see the last of the tyrant as well.

    As far as the Palestinians go, the whole thing is based on myth. The West Bank was Jordanian, Gaza was Egyptian. There has never been a "Palestinian" people. You can make a pretty good case that most of them are really Jordanians. The Israelis need to wipe out the terrorist leadership and let the rest of the world make as much noise as it wants to.

    As far as the Palestinians go, the whole thing is based on myth. The West Bank was Jordanian, Gaza was Egyptian. There has never been a "Palestinian" people. You can make a pretty good case that most of them are really Jordanians.


    there were no 'Jordanians' before last century either. There were Arabs though. That piece of land over there has been carved up so mant times recently it aint funny

    The fact that palestine as a state hasn't existed is irrelevant. Not the point.

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