The Watchtower's 'Lost Generation'

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  • Solace

    Satan very busy?
    Isnt it possible that God has been very busy?
    Could he be using the internet as his "channel" to expose the false teachings and prophecies of the W.T.S.? Not to mention all the pain they have caused.

  • MavMan
    How can the org, inspired by god in 1967 to ban transplants, then be inspired by the same god (who never changes) in 1980 to allow them?

    I did notice as I read through both articles that the writer claimed inspiration from god. It was based on the analysis of scriptures. I think the change came after being more informed. Medicine, including organ transplants, became more common during the 70's. It is true that Jehovah does not change, but he is not inspiring word for word what is published in the magazines, compared to the Bible.

    Notice that in the 1967 Watchtower, not all transplants were discouraged. Artificial and animal organ transplants were left to ones conscience. I think the 1980 article was excellent in explaining why it is up to the persons conscience.

  • SEAKEN2001


    umm, I'm trying to think how I would have handled that question. Uhh...

    Oh, how 'bout this?

    Where did you get information? Who have you been talking to? Do you trust that the F&DS is directed by God or not?

    That's the only way to handle it. The facts speak for themselves and there is no way I could explain it. But...

    I didn't really want to talk about that. Let's change the subject. How 'bout those Yanks, eh? (That would have been a typical response from any of my "brothers" had I asked them such a question)


  • Imbue

    The WT is never wrong. The reason 'we' are losing our young people is because parents are only studying with their children one hour a week. Then there are the 5 meetings a week plus forced field minstry. This makes only about 10 hrs a week of programing. Not enough programing that's the problem with this wicked generation.

    It couldn't be the non-nurturing social structure the GB has built.

  • Xander

    *** w65 6/1 352 Questions from Readers ***
    but it is all a part of the advancement of Jehovah's theocratically controlled organization under the immediate direction of Jehovah God himself.

    *** w64 5/1 277-8 Building a Firm Foundation in Christ ***
    It is through the columns of The Watchtower that Jehovah provides direction and constant Scriptural counsel to his people.

    So, just to be clear on this are then disagreeing with what the society says about itself cited above? And the 'word for word' bit is a distraction from the issue. Do you think the org put that prohibition and print and dropped the issue? No - judicial committees were formed, and could DF people after 'prayerful consideration', those who questioned the edict would sit in front of JCs...etc.

    The whole org was AGAINST transplants, then not. There is no case of 'minor adjusment to doctrine' here. Was once black, now white.

  • ISP

    Yep, I agree there is a 'lost' generation. I expect the JWs to become a religion of old people. In time you will just see old people coming out of the halls/on the ministry.


  • JeffT

    An interesting contrast. The youth ministry at our church is thriving. They've put on some concerts that have brought in a lot of kids. We have our teen center with all sorts of games etc. At least once a month there's a special party night (very heavily chaperoned, but the kids have a lot of fun).

    I know, Mav or somebody will say they are having their ears tickled, but that is not true. There are very serious sessions attached to these events, and trained counselors (I mean trained as in college degrees) to help them work through problems. They don't have to worry about getting kicked out if they talk about what is really going on in their lives.

    The Watchtower does nothing to keep its young people, and more and more of them are realizing that they don't want to spend their lives washing windows or whatever.

  • metatron

    MavMan, what you must realize is that Watchtower teachings
    wreck families - and cause young people to rebel, become
    hypocritical - and leave. IT IS NOT the case that parents
    aren't teaching their children enough - in many cases, the
    kids would be better off with NO family study!

    Why? Let me explain the process to you AFTER SACRIFICING
    HUGE AMOUNTS of time trying (unsuccessfully) to raise my
    child as a Jehovah's Witness.

    1) Far too much emphasis on the wrong qualities. Witness
    kids grow up thinking that Christianity is attending
    boring meetings and the pretense of a dead ministry
    you get what you emphasize: phoney numbers of hours
    - and kids pretending to be good until they can leave

    2) Lack of emphasis on love - Want loving kids? Teach
    them that love is most important - not obeying
    organizational dictates. Those who disagree with this
    may suffer a hateful death spiral of threats and
    heartache - in forcing their kid out of the house.
    The organization offers words about charity - and then
    abandons their own counsel on every circuit overseer's
    visit - 'more hours, more meeting attendance'.

    Are they nuts? The only boys who don't masturbate
    are physically deficient - or lying.

    4) By insisting on arbitrary meeting attendance and
    participation in an often imaginary minstry, the
    encourage hypocrisy by employing corrupt elders
    out of fear of losing control of congregations.
    (same reason why Catholics retain bad priests).
    The kids often know more about wrongdoing in the
    congregation than the elders. Result? after being
    forced into this world of pretense and BOREDOM,
    the Witness kid tells himself:

    "my parents are stupid religious fanatics"

    and therefore

    "I don't have to listen to anything they say"

    NOW, do you UNDERSTAND?
    Have I gotten thru to you? I observed this ugly process
    FIRST-HAND - and still suffer from its effects. This explains
    why so many Witness kids turn out worse than kids in the world!

    There's MUCH more I could say about Watchtower wreckage of families.

    In conclusion, I am reminded of a scripture - Acts 15:10

    "Now, therefore, why are you making a test of God by imposing
    a yoke upon the the neck of the disciples, that neither we nor
    our forefathers were able to bear?"

    Why, indeed?


  • JT


    Please consider these 2 points

    1. How can the org, inspired by god in 1967 to ban transplants, then be inspired by the same god (who never changes) in 1980 to allow them?

    I did notice as I read through both articles that the writer claimed inspiration from god. It was based on the analysis of scriptures.


    So was this "Analysis" to be viewed by the rank and file jw along with the billions of people making up mankind as Mere commentary on the part of the Watchtower's Writing Dept or was it to be viewed as "The divine will of God"?

    If it was merely commentary then how could they Dfed someone on the grounds of not accepting the writing dept commentary/views/opinions.

    Of course if it was was to be viewed as the Divinve will of god as they stated, then why did god change his mind and no longer consder it part of his divine will?

    Yes it is a catch 22-

    If you say it was merely "THEIR THOUGHT" on the matter then you lose the basis to DF folks for not agreeing with an Opinion.

    If you say it was the divine will of god – then god changed his mind after telling not only jw but all the readers of the wt they should die instead of take a kidney.

    Point #2

    You stated:

    "he is not inspiring word for word what is published in the magazines, compared to the Bible."

    Well if you do your home work once again we see the wild claims that the wt makes for the wt has stated:

    *** Yearbook 1935 page 52
    "It is announced with confidence that the Lord uses the columns of the
    Watchtower to transmit to his consecrated people things that he reveals to
    them and provides for them to know"

    You see Mavman this is the problem

    I have stated many times that the wt would be just fine if they stayed with bible commentary for it allows one to give their opinion and change it anytime they want to, it also allows folks to disagree with out being considered rejecting God himself just because one doesn't agree with what the Writing Dept has written.

    In fact there was a time when you could disagree "publicly" and not be Dfed, in fact it was welcomed:

    To quote the Watchtower itself:
    "The Watchtower... invites careful and critical examination of its contents in the light of the Scriptures." - Watchtower August 15, 1950 p. 263

    yet today you are well aware that anyone who does this today is viewed as questioning god himself

    SO MY suggestion to you is the same I often make- DO YOUR RESEARCH

    So that you can speak intelligently and well informed on what the wt has taught on these issues then you want make off the cuff remarks not knowing that the WT did or still does teach certain things

    Just my suggestion

  • gumby

    Mav..Unfortunately, many Witness parents are only dedicating 1 hour (if that) to their family studies

    I don't recall HOW MANY HOURS the bible recommended for families to study.
    I do know MAN made a rule on time however.
    Let's see.....10 hours a month for field service
    1 hr. for family study
    1 hr. to study watchtower together
    At least some bible reading every day
    Study for the for the service for bookstudy...personal study,
    1 hr. if you have a study (usually way more)
    Read the daily text, read all the magazines....and any new book, read the yearbook..............

    You just might have time to get to know your family and friends and have some time to relax if you play your cards right.

    Yes....these are required by Jehovah , if we are to be spiritualy strong, and well grounded in the truth for that soon top come FEAR INSPIRING DAY in which only those who are doing a good job at the mentioned REQUIRMENTS will endure.

    Continue to feed at this rich spiritual table JEHOVAH has provided.......wait!.......ya.... he provided it, cuz the FDS SAID HE DID.

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